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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Expressions out of the Zero Point Field

By Jerome Dechant
June 5, 2012

NOTE:  My prior blog had to do with telling about the zero point field.  This one sort of builds off of that one, so if you haven't read the prior blog titled "Zero Point Field"  I recommend you read it first as it lays the foundation for a greater understanding and application of the information contained within this blog. 


Out of the zero point field, each moment is springing forth to be experienced as a life experiencing.  These points or moments of expression come forth from the zero point field where all expressions are in a potential state and are neutral or of equal value to each other.  So why then do the expressions which come forth actually come forth?  The reason is because the weight of what is expressing and the next moment that is likely to express are greatest in potential for expression.

What does that mean?  It means we are not neutral in our expectations of what the next moment will come forth as.  We have expectations that there is continuity from one moment to the next, which means we expect from moment to moment, for instance, to be sitting here in this chair reading this until such a time we decide to get up and do something else.  The moments which spring forth are billions for just the period of sitting here, reading this and which we experience sequentially as our physical life expression in being.

If one had no expectation for what would express in the next moment, what could manifest in the next moment could be virtually anything because we are totally neutral to what the next moment could express as.  We could, from moment to moment, experience any one of an infinite number of possibilities from moment to moment.  There would be no continuity from one moment to the next; it could be a bit of a jumble of expressions, sort of like the bubbles which pop out of the top of a glass of soda pop.  There is neither rhyme nor reason for which bubble will pop out next it is totally random.  That is what happens when there are no weighted preferences for what will pop out next.

EVERYTHING comes forth from the zero point field of potential.  I establish my identity by the weighting of the field of potentials towards a specific identity. I establish my physical state and all other aspects of my being in expression in the same way.  And once I’ve established a specific identity, and a specific body and expression in being, by so establishing those weighted potentials towards expression, I come forth and express accordingly.  The tendency to further express from moment to moment in this weighted potentials expression therefore unfolds with continuity of expression from moment to moment.  Also, once this weighted potential of expression is set into motion, it becomes less likely that my moment to moment experiencing will be random moment by moment expressions. 

The field of potentials still exists with undifferentiated potentials for every other expression, yet I only experience this identity, and not every identity, or another identity.  While it is possible to expand identity to include more than one identity within a body, this sort of expression is observed as schizophrenia which is typically considered an abnormal state.

I have a list of specific weighted potentials for the expression or manifestation of my physical body, my mental state, and my way of being.  Because I’ve either consciously chosen these weighted potentials, or because whatever they are were in harmony with other aspects of weighted potentials, sort of like a family of vibrations.  If you choose this vibration, other vibrations which are in the near vicinity, being very similar in vibration also cling to the weighted potential.  This is because of their similarity and proximity they are pulled along further establishing the weighted potential in a fuller expression.

In order to express differently from this moment to the next, the weightiness of our expressed potential, (which by the way is no longer a potential once it is expressed,) that which is in expression can be replace by something which is of equal potential in weightiness.  Sort of like, I could easily wear red socks today, as I could wear blue socks and so because whether they are red or blue is of equal weight, I could easily change from one color to the other and it would not make much difference to me.

In order to change a bodily state, such as being thin or heavy, typically is not a neutral state choice, that is to say, we have a tendency to maintain a certain body state because our potential to be thin in one moment and heavy in the next moment are not equal.

When whatever state of expression you are in is equal to another state of expression you’d like to be in, you can easily change these states of expression just like you’d easily be able to change your socks.  If you want to experience changes in your life, consider this equilibrium between the two choices which is necessary in order to enable the change.  As long as the current state and another state are not balanced in value from the potential perspective, you will be unable to experience the change.

If you want to avail yourself of being able to easily transition from one state to another, you must remain neutral to those possibilities, to those potential states in expression so that you can easily transition from one state to the next.

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