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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Explorer, “Let’s see what’s out there”

By Jerome Dechant
June 27, 2012

 The next moment, the one right after this one, no I mean this one…., is to some extent unknown as to what it will hold for us.  When we exist within the known world, what comes next is obvious, i.e., you will continue sitting here, reading this and it seems like not that much is changing or indeterminable.  From the mundane perspective, the laws of cause and effect are consistent and predictable, so even though the next moment is totally new and fresh, it likely will hold a very similar, yet progressed expression of the moment which preceded it.  Most people feel very comfortable with it being this way and of course, that’s fine.  This perspective is a mass perspective, that is to say, the majority of humans exist within this field of life experiencing.

 A few people venture into the unknown where what the next moment holds is more uncertain and certainly unpredictable.  These people are on the leading edge of life experiencing, venturing into the unknown to uncover what is there, so that eventually, the masses can move into this new field of life experiencing.  What at first was undiscovered, becomes discovered, then what was discovered, eventually becomes the common experience to the masses.  The people are the explorers; they are explorers who venture into the wilderness where no one has gone before.  These explorers venture into the unknown which pre-exists. For those explorers what is contained therein remains to be uncovered and discovered. 

There is another perspective one might consider, where the explorer is venturing at the edge of what is, beyond which it isn’t defined or created yet, what is beyond is pure potential and could unfold to be anything.  This isn’t really an exploration as much as a creation process.  Exploration is discovering what already exists, creationism is calling forth something out of the field of potential.  The image that comes to my mind is of an animation where a part of the image is black, and there is a figure of a person walking. Where he places his next step brings forth the path upon which his foot step will land, and with each step, a path is created where there was only a potential for absolutely anything to out picture. There is a scene in “Yellow Submarine,” The Beatles animated movie, where this sort of thing is similarly depicted as flowers manifesting behind the figure of one of the band members as he moves across the screen.  They weren’t there until he went there and created them. 

If you are on the leading edge of creationism, what is before you is potential, that is to say, there is a blank next moment which must be created in order to have a next moment to experience.  You choose what will be here at your next step.  The potential doesn’t make judgments about what is right or wrong, good or bad, it only unfolds without hesitation or judgment what is impressed upon it via the consciousness of the creator. 

The dangers an explorer may face are preexisting external to the explorer.  The dangers a creationist may face reside within his own psyche.  When you are on the leading edge of what is, and you are creating beyond that edge, you hold within you the dangers and blessings which have equal potential to manifest via your next step so to speak.  This transcends the ordinary and moves into the extraordinary, where fantasy can unfold into reality, where the story which unfolds is up to the creative author, painter, actor, singer or player.  

I have friends (really more acquaintances rather than personal friends,) who have a radio program named, “Cutting Edge Consciousness.”  I think their program expresses more in the field of explorers rather than creationists, because what they discuss and are uncovering/discovering already exists.  They are adding clarity to the mass held consciousness expanding that field of consciousness by their sharing their own discoveries.  In this respect, they are at the cutting edge of consciousness.  There is a lot which preexists still to be uncovered and discovered, and they are bringing to light ideas and experiences which haven’t been widely expressed and considered by the masses before, so they serve a very good and useful purpose. 

The creationist exists at the edge of what is and creates beyond the edge of preexisting manifestation so there is something for the explorers to uncover and discover.   

The adventurer/explorer who advances to the edge of pre-existing manifestation may be said to go beyond into the realm of fantasy.  What unfold is based upon the content of the consciousness which steps into the field of potential.  From this perspective, you may consider what we experience as reality is just as much a fantasy, but does not seem so because the fantasy is widely accepted as reality.  

Whether the masses will ever get to the edge of what exists and then therefore expand beyond the edge, remains to be seen.  For now, there are only a few who truly venture beyond the edge and expand it.  And what they create may or may not ever be uncovered or discovered by the masses because there is the infinity of potential and possibility from which these possibilities and potentials come forth.   

The creations of and within my dreams may never be realized by anyone else but me.  Likewise, the creations of your own dreams may never be realized by anyone else but you.  When you know you are dreaming, and you know you can unfold the dream to conform to your liking, you are venturing beyond the edge of mass consciousness into the greater field of potential.  When you are experiencing this, and aware of it, you are consciously creating, and expanding the edge of consciousness, at the very least for yourself, and potentially for the masses. 

At this point, you may want to reflect upon whether you are a creator or an explorer, or a mix of both, possibly being predominately one or the other.

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