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Monday, June 25, 2012


By Jerome Dechant
June 25, 2012

Guru – one who takes you from darkness to light. (gu = darkness, ru = light)

In order for a Guru to take you from darkness to light, he/she must already be immersed within the light, otherwise he/she could not take you from darkness to light.

In our life journey, many people profess to be Gurus, but may not actually BE Gurus, but rather sign posts along the way. The ones who are not supportive and guide you towards the light are upon your path so that you may develop and learn discernment.

You may know a true Guru by the fact that he/she asks nothing of you because to the true Guru, He/She is immersed in the field of awareness and being where there is no difference between the Guru and the student/disciple. He/She is immersed in the field of ONENESS awareness. In this field of oneness is the realization of completeness. In the experiencing and being completeness, what could the Guru need that one still residing within darkness could provide? Nothing. But for the one who resides in darkness, the Guru is the light which illuminates his/her path through life, leading to the same awareness and being in which the Guru resides. The truth is, a true guru has everything he/she wants/needs, and if he/she doesn’t it is a very simple matter to manifest whatever that is, so he/she doesn’t have to depend on the student/disciple to get what he/she wants/needs, it comes directly from the Source according to the need and/or request, it doesn’t have to come through the student/disciple, unless that is the best way for it to come into manifestation.

If you come upon a supposed Guru who requires you to pay him/her for his/her teachings, that person is not a true Guru, but rather a sign post along the way, a possible helper or hinderer.

When the time is right, the Guru will appear, you need not seek him/her out. It’s a natural process like the process a seed goes through. The seed becomes the plant which eventually bears its fruit, which sustains you and nourishes you. Your part is to live your life as best you know how, and as life unfolds for you, by following your inner guidance and promptings, (which life itself is offering you,) you will come into the presence of your true Guru. You will know him to be within you as well as without you, the most beautiful being which is the light of you uncovered when the darkness fades away.

In the presence of Source Light, darkness is naturally dispelled.

Those who profess to be Gurus but aren’t true Gurus depend on and use your state of residing within darkness (ignorance,) so they may manipulate you for their own personal purposes and gain. In other words, they take advantage of your ignorance. It isn’t their intention to aid you into the light (knowingness,) because if they actually could bring you to the light, you’d realize they were using you which would be self defeating for these supposed Gurus.

The sign posts along the way are guides which can be used to aid you upon your life journey. Most guides/teachers are beneficial sign posts and are upon your path to aid you. That means it is good to acknowledge them for what they are, and not to imbue them with that which they are not.

You may know them by the fruit they bear, that is to say, if they are serving the light, their fruit will be sweet and nourishing for you, if they are not serving the light, and their fruit will be bitter and poison you.

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