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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Zero Point Field

By Jerome Dechant
June 2, 2012

The mind, or thoughts, cannot enter the zero point field because as thoughts they are identifiable variations or distortions to the field.  Actually, they can enter the field, but once they do, they become undistinguishable from all other thoughts within the field.  The zero point field actually contains everything and nothing at the same time, so that when a thought enters into the zero point field, it becomes equal to every other thought that exists, that is to say, it is not distinguishable as a thought; it melts into the undifferentiatedness which is a characteristic of the field.
An interesting thing is; you cannot maintain a thought in the zero point field, but thoughts spring forth from it all the time.

So if you are thinking about entering the zero point field and wondering how you can get there, you have to leave your intention to continue thinking at the threshold of the field; you also have to leave who and or what you think you are at the threshold as well, because upon entering, your identity no longer has a meaning or significance, you are not identifiable or differentiated from that which is the zero point field.
In the zero point field, you cannot make things happen, but you can let things happen.

As an example:  You can plant a seed in fertile soil and make sure the seed is properly watered.  Then you must wait for the seed to grow.  If the seed is a good seed, it will grow of its own volition.  So, what you CAN do is choose the seeds you desire, properly plant them into the proper environment and provide nutrition to facilitate the growth of the seed.  The rest is up to nature.  Once you plant the seed, you must let it go in order to allow it to unfold naturally.
If you plant an apple seed, you can expect to grow an apple tree.  If you plant an apple seed and expect an orange tree, you won’t get what you expect but rather what the actual seed holds within itself.  That is to say, an apple seed doesn’t contain the instructions to become an orange tree; it contains instructions to become an apple tree.

The reason I bring this up is because we often plant apple seeds and expect oranges, in other words what we are planting cannot provide us with what we want.  When you are angry and unsettled, but you want to be happy and at peace, you cannot plant seeds of anger and unsettledness and expect to reap happiness and peace.  Whatever you plant is what you will get.  If you don’t like what you are getting it is because you aren’t planting the seeds for what you like.  What you are getting is the best indicator of the seeds you have been planting.  If you have been consistently getting what you don’t like, it is because you are consistently planting the seeds which bring that forth.  It isn’t the gardens fault that you are getting what you don’t want, it is just doing what it does naturally, so blaming the garden won’t change your results.  What will change the results is changing the seeds that you are planting so that they are in fact what you want.  When you plant seeds of happiness and peace, you will naturally reap happiness and peace.
Where is the Zero Point Field?

The zero point field is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  It exists and doesn’t exist at the same time.  It is everything and nothing at the same time.

If it is everywhere, wherever you are, you are in it and it is in you.  It is nowhere because while it exists it is undifferentiated and therefore doesn’t exist in a relative sense.  To exist in a relative sense, it would have to contain differentiation which it doesn’t.  It exists and doesn’t exist because it transcends relativity, or is in a higher state of being than the relative state of being.
Another way to understand that last statement is by considering dimensions. From a one dimensional perspective, that is all you are able to perceive, the one dimension.  When you enter the second dimension, it contains everything which was perceived in the one dimension plus added possibility and perspective which wasn’t accessible in the one dimension.  To continue the expansion, when you enter the third dimension, all of what was contained within both the one and two dimensional perspective is accessible within the third dimension plus yet another perspective, which expresses as length, width and height.

It may be hypothesized that if there are 3 dimensions which progressively add data and perspective which contains that which is contained in lesser dimensions, then it stands to reason, that there are more dimensions which expand perspectives and contain additional data beyond the three dimensions we find ourselves currently identified with.  Therefore it may be understood that the zero point field is actually another dimension, which from our perspective, contains all perspectives and data contained in lesser dimensions.  Because it is undifferentiated and contains everything and nothing, it may be logical to assume it is the highest dimension we can postulate exists.
Out of the undifferentiated zero point field springs forth the differentiated expression in being.  In the zero point field, the potential for you to be happy is equal to the potential for you to be sad, and everything in between.  In the zero point field you ARE happy and sad, and everything in between.  You ARE rich and poor and everything in between.  You are good and bad and everything in between.  I could go on with this idea and apply it to all the opposites and everything between them, because the principle remains the same throughout the entire field.

Because there is no differentiation between any of the polarities and variations between them, how then is it that I appear to be me, and how is it that I am expressing or manifesting now as I am when I exist in all expressions from the zero point perspective?
Using the garden analogy previously stated, you are the natural growth of the seed which has sprung forth from the zero point field base upon its natural inclinations of expression.

What does the seed which was planted and grew out of the zero point field, which has resulted in this expression I call me, contain?  In other words, what am I growing into?  What is the seed that was planted?
You may know what the seed is by the fruit it bears.  In other words, you may know what you are by how you are expressing and growing.

That doesn’t answer my question clearly enough.
Does an apple tree know it is an apple tree and not an orange tree, or does it just know it is a tree?  As it is growing, contained within the seed are the instructions to grow into an apple tree and to eventually bear apple fruit.  Does the apple tree care that it is an apple tree?  It certainly doesn’t have a choice to be something which it is not.  In other words, an apple tree can’t turn into a bird, or dog, or butterfly, or ant, can it?

If the seed contains within its makeup the ability to transform into another expression in being, then, yes, it could choose to transform into another form.
So that is a contradiction from what was previously stated in that if you plant an apple seed, you cannot get a dog or cat, you can only get what the seed is.  The natural process unfolds according to the instructions contained within the seed.  In order for an apple seed to be able to be a dog or cat, those instructions would have to be contained within the seed.  And, if such instructions where contained within the seed, then it would not be a plain apple seed which would only grow into an apple tree.

You are a seed brought forth from the zero point field; therefore you contain within you the potential which is contained within the zero point field.  A seed springs forth from its source; therefore it is another expression of that which it came from.  An apple seed comes from an apple which grew from an apple tree. 
I am a zero point field because that is where I came from.  Herein resides the understanding expressed as: I and my Father are one.

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