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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Noticing the Miracles

Chronicles of Jerry: 11/03/09

I was reading an email from a friend, Amy Scott Grant wherein she said (excerpt):

“What percentage of your life do YOU spend following your inner guidance (no matter how bizarre or off-base it may seem)?

For me, it's a pretty high percentage.

Most people are probably around 4% or less (That's what I get is true -- you can use
your own favorite truth testing method to check that statistic).

I get that I'm personally around 45%.

I have a couple of friends who are closer to about 60% and I can see how smoothly (though strangely) their lives seem to move.

While I'm grateful to see that I'm following spiritual guidance nearly half of ALL the time, I still yearn for more. It's an ongoing growth process for me.”

Since she expressed the desire in the last paragraph, I dropped into my heart space, then felt my connection to/with her. I chose her current reality image of herself as point 1, and as point 2, I chose the reality image of her where she is 98% to 100% “following spiritual guidance.” Then, I held the pebble of that desire above the pool of the infinite possibilities, and dropped it, then watched/felt the ripples expand. Having done that, I let go of that connection and moved on with what ever else I was doing at the time.

Later, during the night of 11/03/09, I checked my FaceBook page where I saw what Amy posted 14 hours earlier (which I’m guessing is about the time I dropped the pebble, 11/3/09 7:53 a.m. which would have been 9:53 a.m. my time) which was as follows:

“is moving as I feel guided (and lovin' it). Whoa! THAT. Just. Happened.”

Really, "I" didn't do anything, but maybe something happened?

Be on the look out for Miracles in your life. When you start paying attention, and start looking for them, I assure you, you will find them.

Best regards,

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