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Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Story?

By Jerome Dechant

The first line of any story sets the tone for the rest of the story, it either draws the reader in, or doesn’t. If it doesn’t then they put down the book and find something else to do or read.

Mental images, if you could call the vaguely defined shapes and colors as images, lingered briefly within his consciousness, shifting at what seemed to be random instances. What appeared and why these things showed up was a mystery to him. Sometimes what appeared seemed so solid and real, so clearly defined that it was as though he was right there observing them, yet he could feel the covers on his physical body, the pillow under his cheek and the cool morning air as he inhaled deeply. With eyes closed, in this early morning time, umm, maybe 4:30 in the morning, he’d wake from his deep sleep with an urge to use the bathroom, but the comfort and warmth of the bed was so inviting and enjoyable, that the urge to go pee would have to wait. That’s the way it always was for as long as he could remember, well, not the getting up at 4:30 in the morning to take a pee, but the enjoyment of waking up in this comfortable, cozy atmosphere where the fringe of the dream world met the waking world. He could often linger here, shifting from the waking state to the dreaming state and back again effortlessly, and most of the time unintentionally as well. It was as though he was on a ride and this movement between consciousness realms was part of the ride. What showed up was always something new, he didn’t know why he was seeing or feeling the things that showed up, and frankly, he never thought to wonder why this or that was being shown to him. Does everything have to have a purpose? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.

But when you hear your name called by, who was that? The voice sounded familiar, yet he couldn’t place who it was. It was often called out in a way to wake him from his deep sleep, and when this did happen, he would abruptly awake into full waking state consciousness. Sometimes he’d reflexively sit up in bed and look around in the still darkened bedroom for who was calling his name, but no one was there. The odd thing was, whom ever this was, they had never said more than his name. “Jerry!” They wanted his attention, and they got it, at least enough to wake him from his sleep, but why? For now, there wasn’t an answer to that question; you could put that unanswered question on the pile of other unanswered questions that have accumulated over the years. Accumulated and then forgotten.

If there was a reason for any of this, it wasn’t obvious to him. Maybe he was too dense to see it staring him right in the face, or maybe it just didn’t seem that important to warrant the effort of his attention to wonder why, to ask the question, “Why is this happening to me?” That question was surely amongst the pile of unanswered questions that may have been asked over and over again without a clear answer or without an answer at all. It was as though there wasn’t anyone there to answer these questions. Who was he asking, surely no one in his physical realm. He kept this stuff to himself. Why should he mention this to anyone, who would care and what difference would it make? Maybe there was someone who could answer those questions, but if you never pose them to someone who knows, or who doesn’t know, you can never get the answer. As long as the questions remain unspoken, they certainly remain unanswered as well. Or is that true? It seemed to be true as that pile of unspoken unanswered questions revealed a lack of real communication.

If he was trying to communicate with the angels, or guides, or whoever was in the unseen realm, he wasn’t aware enough to recognize the answers when they showed themselves to him. Yes, often there were answers, but seldom, okay never in words, or thoughts within his mind. Maybe that person who spoke to him in the grocery store about something he’d been curious about was giving him the answer, but since the answer didn’t immediately follow the question, there wasn’t recognition that these were related, that this person provided an answer. Sure these sorts of things happening were, or appeared to be random, something that is there for a moment then gone in the next moment. If you weren’t paying attention, you would surely miss them, and this was obviously what was happening to him.

If he wasn’t paying attention to these things, where was his attention then? Likely upon mundane concerns which consumed most of his attention. With all that mundane stuff consuming his attention, it was no wonder there wasn’t a moment where the answers could be within his awareness or recognized. He walked around with blinders on, and so did most everyone else. The limited field of perception filtered out the vast majority of what was always there to see, feel, and experience. We have all adopted the limited perspective which to some extent has been useful, but also negates the perceptions of the vast realm of existence that goes unnoticed as we make our way through the moments of our lives.

It is like trying to measure the location of a particle and its velocity. You can be aware of one but not the other at the same time. You can know its location, but by focusing on its location, you lose track of its velocity. If you track the particle’s velocity, you know how fast it is going, but can’t get an accurate fix on its location. So it is an either or scenario.

One way to overcome this limitation, is to exist in two realms of consciousness simultaneously, to be fully aware in both at the same time, so that while in one realm velocity is being measured, in the other location is being measured. In adopting this duel realm awareness one can easily know the velocity and location simultaneously.

In order to enter into this awareness, one may realize that awareness is non-local, that awareness is, in its broadest sense, universal and not restricted to the confines of one realm or perspective. From the mental state this multi-location presence awareness is unfathomable, the mind goes into a stupor upon trying to comprehend this because the mind is in the particle state where velocity can’t be measured, or is in the velocity state where location can’t be determined. In other words, the mind exists within the realm of limits and or limitations which exclude the limitlessness cognition.

If there is a reason for it to be so, I may not recognize it from the mental perspective, but the reasons are perfectly clear when I transcend the confines of the limited perspective. And, I can and do simultaneously recognize the value of the particle state and the wave state as they co-exist and simultaneously express in being.

If this is a story, this is just the beginning. What will unfold? I currently don’t know, from this here now limited awareness perspective, what lies ahead is shrouded and will only be unveiled when I enter into the moment when that happens. Such is the linear perspective and awareness. The mystery endures, and because it is a mystery, it compels us on into the next moment so that we may unfold and discover what’s out there. If you think you’d like to jump to the end of this story, to see how it ends, you can’t because, it hasn’t been written yet. Because of the uncertainty factor, even from the limitless awareness perspective, no one conclusion is recognized but rather limitless possibilities await, and with the limitless possibilities there really is no conclusion because a conclusion exists within the realm of limits.

Will there be another chapter to this story? That remains within the realm of possibilities, doesn’t it?

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