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Saturday, July 2, 2011


By Jerome Dechant
July 2, 2011
Energy, in order to be realized in the manifest world requires polarities of positive and negative. When the value of the positive point of energy is equal to the value of the negative point of energy, there is no flow. And this is what might be considered by some as the zero point field, that is to say also, the state of potential energy. By nature energy always seeks the balanced state where both the positive value and the negative value are equal. Because this is true, and because we still exist within this manifestation, it could be understood that from our perspective within this manifestation, there is a difference in value between the positive energy state and the negative energy state which is persistent. A persistent value difference is only possible in an open system, wherein the energy flows to fill the void space of the negative value eternally. This means the negative energy state is receiving the energy flowing into it without reaching or equaling the value from whence it came. This is an indicator of the values of the positive point energy and the negative point energy states. The positive energy state must be an infinite value, and since the negative point energy can never be equal to the positive point energy state, the negative point energy state must therefore always be something less than infinite.
In order to have something enter into your life experience, you must understand the concept of energy, and the flow. As you understand these principles, you can begin to use them effectively to obtain desired results.

So, how do you use this principle to manifest what you want in your life?

You must create a difference in value between the positive state energy field and the negative state energy field. Another way of saying this is you must have a desire for something and there must be a sufficient negative state energy void for the energy to flow into to bring forth the manifestation of the desired thing. In order for a desire to arise, one must realize the void that as commonly understood, as something missing. If one does not create the void space at the same time as launching the desire, the energy cannot flow into it. This explains why, when you desire something and it doesn’t manifest in your life experience, it is because the difference in value between the positive energy state and the negative energy state, as it applies to your desired thing, are equal or so nearly so, that very little flow is created.

The thing about energy flow is, the greater the difference in values between the positive point of energy and the negative point of energy, the greater the flow which is resultant from that difference. Remember, energy always seeks the balanced state, and rushes to bring the values to a balanced state as quickly as possible. If you understand this, you can realize there is no favoritism when it comes to the functioning of this energy operation, it is just a natural “machine” at work. In order to manifest anything quickly, the negative energy state value must be zero or close to zero value to cause the positive flow of energy to rush to fill the void. The conduit through which the energy flows must therefore be of sufficient capacity to enable the energy to flow through it at high capacity and velocity.

So when we have a desire, we are really creating a void, or an energy state which is as close to zero as possible. You can do this by using your visualizing ability to see and feel the void in space which takes the form of that which you desire to bring forth. Because we created the void space through our desire, we must also be a conduit through which the energy can flow without restriction and of sufficient volume to bring forth the desired thing. The laws of nature will take care of the rest.

Many people tell you to visualize already having the thing you desire which, if you do that, actually brings the values back to equilibrium, so there is no energy flowing. That is to say, there is no void space for the energy flow into. What you CAN do though is create the void space with as much detail as you can so that it is the mold for the energy to flow into. If you aren’t clear about creating the mold, what you get won’t be clearly what you wanted either.

So the initial desire must generate a zero value energy field for the energy to flow towards, then having created the zero value energy field, you must define the details of it by filling in the details of sizes and shape, etc. Your main job as a creator is to generate these zero value energy fields, then allow the energy to flow through you to bring forth the desired thing. You become a proficient creative artist, when you hone your skills at defining the void with procession and skill so that you are delighted by what you’ve created.

The truth be known, we are all using this creative skill all the time. Many people don’t create what they want because they don’t understand they are doing it, they don’t realize they are creating the void for the energy to flow into, but the void they are creating isn’t really what they want.

If you’ve read any of my prior blogs, you will notice I often write about “Focusing on what you want, “ rather than fighting against what you don’t want which is struggling against your own flowing.

Try these ideas out. See how they work for you. Energy is constantly flowing, so use this understanding for flow it into the forms and experiences you most desire.

One of the voids I’ve created is a world where we all live in harmony and peace. Where we all realize how important each individual is in bringing forth the heaven on earth we all enjoy, where we work together in supportive and constructive ways to further our own growth and expansion in expression of harmony, abundance and bliss.

Blessings to one and all.

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