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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


by Jerome Dechant
June 28, 2011

I watched a video today wherein a young man, well you could also say, an older boy, because to my eyes he is at that stage where he isn’t a so much a boy, and he isn’t quite yet a man either, was just talking about stuff that was on his mind and important to him. In my musing about what I saw in the video, I was thinking how sweet and beautiful he is without even trying. He is sweet and beautiful because that’s just what he is. There was no pretense, no air of any kind coming across except his natural youthful radiance and natural expression in being.

A few other thoughts spring up about that, I suppose there might come a time when peer pressure and other forces within his life experiencing will tell him he needs to do this or that, or he needs to wear this or that, or be like this or that in order to be beautiful, attractive and appealing to others. And, not realizing his own inner beauty, he may endeavor to fit what others tell him he needs to be like in order to be beautiful. If he does not realize his natural beauty, he is likely to lose it by pursuing other’s ideas of what is beautiful, which is to say, pursue what is less valuable than what he already holds within himself naturally.

Another thing I considered is what makes him so beautiful to me? Why did I find him to be charming and appealing? As I see it, his very being shining unabashedly through his thoughts words and actions is what makes him beautiful.

The true being within us is that unabashedly radiant being who expresses through us, and in this expression, when we don’t filter it, or hamper it or restrict its radiance in anyway, we too express our beauty for all to see and appreciate.

Often when we don’t realize our innate beauty, we don’t see it within ourselves, we don’t appreciate it, so really, it is hidden from our own eyes. Like Jesus is said to have said, “Let him with eyes to see, see.”

Often we spend our lives seeking after that which we already are within our own heart. What is necessary, is to look within, find it here, and allow it to express and radiate out into our life experiencing.

The youthful beauty he expresses is a wonderful reminder to me, of my own youthful beauty and playfulness. Playfulness. Life is supposed to be fun, so playfulness is a natural expression of our unhampered true being in expression.

If you want to bring your inner being out for others to appreciate, give yourself room and permission to be spontaneous and playful. Laugh and play a lot. If that seems like an impossibility right now, work into it by remembering to smile. If you begin to open the door just a little bit, opening it the rest of the way will become easier and easier because it is the unfolding of who and what you naturally are.

And some might feel guilty for being so joyously playful and that is because they’ve so often been told to be serious, and work hard because that’s the only way to get ahead in life.

I’m here to let you know, that’s not the only way to get ahead in life, it is only one, often painful way to be. Since it is only one possibility, there are other possibilities available to you, suitable to your enjoyment and expression, and you can choose what pleases you best.

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