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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Don’t just believe everything.

Don’t just believe everything.
July 16, 2011
by Jerome Dechant

I want to be as honest and straight forward with you as I can possibly be. To that end, I’d like to tell you; you should not take anything I have ever written as truth based solely upon your belief that because I’ve written it, it must therefore be true. You must not trust that it is true, you must not believe me without finding out for yourself, through your own personal experience, that it is so, or that it is not so. Either way, let your own experience validate one way or the other before you believe what I have written.

I suggest you apply this to what others present to you as truth as well. Certainly, you may allow some possibility that what is written is true, but always let your final judgment be the results of your own experience, not what I say, or what someone else says with regard to what is written.

If it is too difficult to find out for your self whether something is actually true or not, then I would suggest a strong skepticism and caution. Your own experience holds the key to your own truth, to the validation which is most important to you. It is your life, if you truly value it, cherish it and hold it with care and handle it with loving thoughtfulness.

I hope you will consider what I’ve written, and find whether it is true or not for you. I hope what you find out is that, yes it is true. Then the gift will be most beautiful and valuable to you.

Best regards,

Jerry Dechant

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