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Monday, July 25, 2011

Reflective Manifestation

Reflective Manifestation
By Jerome Dechant
July 25, 2011

What appears in the external manifest world is a creation which originated individually and collectively from within our own consciousness. If it exists as a manifestation, then it exists within our consciousness. As long as it exists within our consciousness, it is thereby perpetuated. If whatever it is that is manifest externally is not recognized as originating from within our individual and collective consciousness, and therefore being perpetuated by us, we are unable to choose to create an alternative manifestation, we are unable to change our consciousness. Therefore, if the external manifestation is a mess, the mess resides within our consciousness. In order to clean up the mess we must clean up our consciousness so that the external manifestation reflects the cleaned up state of our consciousness.

So, the first point to be understood is this: If it is in manifestation, we individually and collectively created it.

The second point to be understood is this: If we created it, and it is still an external world manifestation, it still resides within our consciousness. We are allowing it to remain by our lack of attention to it. In other words, if you don’t look at it, the script which runs it as a manifestation continues to run and will do so indefinitely.

The third point to be understood is that if we created it, and maintain it, we also have the ability to change it.

Remember what is manifest is an external representation of our individual and collective consciousness. If we want to manifest something else, we must individually and collectively change our consciousness so that something else comes into manifestation.

In order to change anything, you have to realize you created it, and you are perpetuating it. In other words, you must own it by taking full responsibility for its existence. (A clue to your part in its manifestation is this: If you are aware of it, you are a supporting party to its continued existence.)

As long as I don’t own what I see in my manifest world, I am powerless to change it. I must own it to be able to change it.

I use the word responsibility. Some people might have resistance with that word, so I’d like to break it down and hopefully by doing so, ease the resistance associated with that word.

If you break down the word, it becomes response-ability. It becomes our ability to respond. Without taking ownership of our life experiencing and manifestation, we have no ability to respond to it, to adjust it or change it. With this understanding, you might find that responsibility is your friend, not your burden or enemy as you might have previously thought of it. Responsibility empowers us, is a reflection of our ability, creativity. It engenders our awareness and ability to choose.

So, how do I use my respond ability when it comes to stuff I don’t like, or stuff that I do like?

Life reflects back to us in the manifest world that which we’ve created. In experiencing and perceiving this manifestation, we are having a response to it, right here, right now, and always. How we respond to what we perceive determines what the next moment holds for us. If we respond to it consciously rather than automatically, (as most of us are programmed to do,) we use our ability to steer the course of our life expression according to our choices and this is only possible when we own what life is offering us in this moment. When we own it, we empower ourselves to be able to respond consciously to whatever is here for us to engage with.


When we are on autopilot, so to speak, we really aren’t engaged with our own creative process. That is to say, we allow the previous script we’ve created to run without direction. That is okay when the script is appropriate to this moment, but often it isn’t because the script was created in a previous moment which called it forth. And, that previous moment might have been when we were very young so that at that time, the script was appropriate for that moment. Because we evolve, our scripts must also be allowed to evolve rather than being cast in stone. By taking responsibility, we therefore engage with this moment, and thereby enable our ability to make conscious choices which can adjust the script so that it is appropriate for our current moment experiencing.

And the engagement process is a continual process when we are fully present in this moment by moment unfolding. This is where we are empowered and have our ability to respond.

Our ability to consciously respond has built into it the function of choice.

When we use the function of choice correctly, we plant the seeds for what we desire and reap the harvest we’ve planted. That is to say, when life reflects back to me a manifestation that I no longer appreciate, it is, in that moment offering me an opportunity to choose an alternative which will be more pleasing to me.

To make proper use of choice, when confronted with something I no longer like, rather than fighting against it, or resisting it, I can choose what I now desire. (Most people are not making proper use of their ability to choose and so perpetuate what they don’t want rather than what they do want.)

Example: You see two people fighting. When you realize life is offering you an opportunity to choose something else, you can respond to seeing these people fighting by responding by planting the seeds of compassion, love and understanding whereby fighting isn’t even available and whereby compassion, love and understanding come forth into the external manifestation.

Remember, the external manifestation is a reflection of our consciousness, so in order to manifest a compassionate, loving and understanding world, we must embody these traits within our own consciousness, within our own life experiencing. As we embody that which we desire, it must show up in our external manifestation.

This may start out individually, but eventually shows up collectively as well. This being true, what we individually choose furthers the collective conscious experience as well. That is because we are all connected. This will be more than just a concept to you when you fully appreciate and embody your responsibility and engagement the way you originally intended it to be.

When you aren’t engaged in the creative process, it seems like life is happening to you, that you are a victim of circumstance and environment. If this is where your current perspective is, and you appreciate what I’ve written, you can take back control, get engaged, create the life you desire as a responsible creative being.

May the manifestation you find reflected back to you be pleasing to you and when it is not, may you have presence enough to choose something else that is pleasing to you.

Best regards,


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