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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trying vs. Spontaneity

A bird doesn’t have to do anything special to be a bird that is what it is by nature. A rock doesn’t have to try to be a rock. A cloud doesn’t have to try to be a cloud. A man doesn’t have to try to be a man. An energy being, (which all of these things really are,) doesn’t have to try to be an energy being. A conscious energy being doesn’t have to try to be conscious. It all happens spontaneously.

All of that might seem oh so obvious, yet how many of us constantly are “trying” to be what we already are? Trying to be more conscious, more spiritual, more powerful, more healthy, more, more, more. And how many of us are frustrated in this trying? What is the source of the frustration? The source of these frustrations are the beliefs that we are lacking, that we aren’t, that we can’t, that we don’t have, that we aren’t good enough and the whole family of beliefs based on the illusion of duality.

Those beliefs are false. When your foundational beliefs are flawed, everything that follows will naturally be flawed as well. As long as you remain asleep to the truth, the falsely inspired dream endures.

So, maybe now would be a good time to relax and stop trying so hard. Maybe, as you relax and settle into your true nature, you will experience what you naturally are, spontaneously. And in this natural relaxed state you may discover aspects of your true nature spring forth into expression spontaneously as you avail yourself to their discovery. The thing about discovering is, you make discoveries when you provide space and awareness for them to occur. So, all of that “trying” was consuming the awareness and space where discoveries could have been occurring.

There are many facets of your being which are already here, awaiting your awakening to their existence. These facets have always been here too, so they aren’t something you need to work at developing. Meditation allows the observer to come forth. As the observer, we awaken to these aspects of our being, we discover what is already here within us and thereby, through the light of our attention and awareness of them do enliven them into our conscious expression.

In nature, all things occur spontaneously. If you wish to awaken more to your true natural being, allow for spontaneity in your life expression.

Can you make something spontaneously happen? No. You can’t make it spontaneous; if you try to be spontaneous, you aren’t being spontaneous, you are being “trying to be spontaneous.”

You might understand this through this example. You can deliberately smile, yet that deliberate smile isn’t the same as a spontaneous smile, is it? They may both look similar, yet they can feel a lot different and their effects on those around you will likely be different as well. When you spontaneously smile at someone, the person is likely to appreciate the spontaneity and sincerity of your smile more than when you intentionally force a smile.

Some people may want something to happen, such as a great awakening experience which happens spontaneously, so they might do stuff to avail themselves to the spontaneous awakening which in fact has nothing to do with the spontaneous awakening. My best advice is so just go about your life business and be as natural and spontaneous as possible. That is to say, relax and enjoy life, do what comes naturally to you in your life expression and in this way you will be in the flow of spontaneity and life will be full of discoveries and surprises. As this is all spontaneously unfolding, you can be sure everything will occur precisely at the correct time and place.

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