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Monday, July 13, 2009


In the here now moment, everything is constantly changing, that is to say, nothing ever stays the same, even though it may appear that some things do stay the same. There are some cyclic events that are relatively consistent, and therefore predictable with a great deal of certainty, and there are many more things which are not cyclic that are not at all certain as to when or whether they will occur.

Of course the cyclic events which are predictable are things like there being day and night here on planet earth. That the earth will continue in its orbit of the sun and the moon will continue in its orbit of the earth. These things are predictable so long as there is no force which alters the current movement of our sun’s, our planet’s and our moon’s movement through space.

Just one event could alter that predictability. And whether such an event will happen or not is one of those unpredictable random events which could occur.

There are many people who look in to the future and speak of what they’ve preceived. In the moment when they preceived that future, what they preceived may have been true for that moment of perception. Because of all the forces at work within this manifestation, all the changing flows of energy, the potential for predicting something which will happen just a few minutes from right now are expotentially increased from moment to moment.

As an example, a minute from now you could still be reading this blog. But there is also the possibility that you will be distracted, or loose interest in reading this and decide to do something else. A simple little change like that, can alter the fabric of time and space sufficiently so that what may have been true a minute ago will no longer be true. The choice to continue reading this could impact you in such a way, that you reconsider your life experiences and by so doing alter your attitude about life, and by altering your attitude about the certainty of your life, take a different path which will have different possibilities for you than the other path where you lost interest in reading this, and or stopped reading this.

What makes prediction so difficult then? The freedom of choice intelligent being use to create their life experiences. Yes there are trends in consciousness and trends in choices humans make, but they are not for the most part inevitable occurances, or choices.

The reason I am writing this is because there has been a lot of attention focused upon the year 2012, and many predictions made regarding what will happen then. While there may be some validity in some of those predictions or even all of those predictions, I’m here to tell you none of that is important to you. It may seem very important to know what will happen in the future, but what is really important is what is happening right here, right now. Right here, and right now is the place where choices are consciously make, and where the future is created. Because someone tells you something is going to happen tomorrow, it doesn’t make it ture because someone told you it was going to happen tomorrow, what does make it true, is your choice in this moment to make it true by chooseing to believe it is true.

So then when tomorrow comes and what that person perdicted would happen doesn’t happen, why didn’t it happen because you believe it would happen. Is your belief the only element at play in the unfolding of time in space? No, your belief is only one element in the overall experssion in time and space.

It may seem paradoxical that your beliefs can, in one moment, effect the fabric of time and space and also not have any effect at all. Maybe this is an indication to you that your beliefs don’t always align with how life unfolds, and so as you experience this variation from what you thought was true, what you believed was true, your experience of this variation alters your beliefs so that different possibilities appear while yet other possibilites fade away in the very same moment.

When you multiply the billions of choices each intelligent being in manifestation is making right now, and how those choices may alters how the next moment unfolds, can you see how very difficult it is to accurately predict something many years from now? During the time from now to then, how many innumarable choices will certainly be made? Each of those inumerable choices has a different potential path of expression in manifestation. I think there is no way of knowing with certainty, but there is a high degree of certainty that innumberalbe choices will be made between now and the year 2012. And amongst those choices, the course of manifestation unfolding towards one predicted event over another has a very high probability of shifting so that a prediction doesn’t come true.

The whole point of this post is to reiterate the value and importance of being focused in the here now moment, and thereby making conscious choices which will direct the unfolding of your life experience.

If there is a high level of certainty that an event will occur, it is by being focused in the here now, and being aware of that high probability that you can make choices appropriate towards the outcome you prefer.

If you spend all of your time being concerned about what is going to happen at some time in the future, you miss the wonder and beauty and joy of this moment as it unfolds here now for you. In this way, thinking too much about the future, pulls you out of your here now experiencing.

In conculsion, take care of this moment, and the future will take care of itself accordingly.

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