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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Conditional Moments

During my guest appearance on the “Light Works with Jen and Amy,” blogtalk radio show, I said something about the love our true Self has for us. I said, “There is no one in the world who cares more about you than your own True Self. You can’t be loved any more than that love that is present within that being, which you truly are. And, this is a manifestation coming forth through you as you.”

That love the True Self radiates to you is unconditional love. In other words, the energy is always flowing regardless of whether I am aware of it or not, regardless of my accepting it or not. That loving feeling is a total YES feeling without any hesitation or reservation in it at all.

Think about that for a moment. Right now, this loving energy is radiating unconditionally from the center of your being. It is always saying yes, yes, yes. It is always loving, always giving, and always caring.

Then you say, Oh yeah, well, I’m not feeling that right now. As a matter of fact, I feel pretty crappy right now, how can this wonderful YES, I love you love feeling be radiating right now? I don’t feel it at all. I don’t feel like I am being unconditionally loved.

When you just voiced that perspective, it was from a “Conditional Moment.”

Prior to voicing that perspective you’ve been vibrating along within the “Conditional Moments,” vibration. That is to say, these conditional moments have been around with you for a very long time. As a matter of fact, it is likely that you are primarily expressing your life through the perspective of conditional expectations, and beliefs which result in experiencing this moment based upon your expectations and beliefs which tell you that, in order to feel this unconditional love which you truly are, certain conditions must be met. Since, in your expectation, these conditions haven’t been met, the result is you block or don’t experience this unconditional love flowing right now.

Maybe you are holding beliefs which are telling you right now, that this is a bunch of bull shit. There might be beliefs which say, I’m not feeling unconditional love right now, so how can it be true that this love is ever present? I’m not feeling it right now, so what Jerry is writing is a lie. What I’m feeling right now is frustration, and maybe even a bit of anger that Jerry would tell me this shit, and expect me to believe him.

All that “stuff” in the way of experiencing the unconditional love flowing through this moment, is all the conditioning you’ve adopted throughout this life and all the previous life experiences you’ve had. This perspective perpetuates itself through the attitude of defending your conditioning in order to be right, in order to justify your present state, so you create for yourself proof and evidence to substantiate and reinforce your beliefs, your conditioning.

It may be hard to break this self fulfilling perspective considering how it works. You may be able to break this chain of endless repetition through having a moment of clarity wherein you experience and therefore have an awareness which shows you, “Yeah, I see how I’ve been doing this.” And maybe with that clarity, you might decide to give something else a try. You might begin to see that your current conditioning isn’t serving you well, it isn’t empowering you, but actually keeping you trapped within this state of vibration which inhibits the experiencing of the unconditional love which is flowing through this moment right now.

The simple shift wherein you acknowledge it as a possibility that this unconditional love is and does flow through this moment, and this moment and this moment, on and on, avails yourself to coming into the realization and experience that yes, it DOES flow. Even though I might not feel the full experience of this unconditional love, I can feel some of it right now. I can come in to greater experiencing of it as I shed the conditional beliefs and attitudes which hamper the flow and therefore the experiencing of this energy flow.

Becoming a clear channel for this flow of energy is the life path many people have chosen. Upon this path, as each moment unfolds, oppertunities are ever presented to reveal to us the conditioning which hampers the full experiencing of this fountain of blissful life experiencing.

The reason I’ve written this is because in order to bring forth that True Self into this manifest world, so that it is fully expressing here, now; which means we are fully experiencing it here, now, we undertake the process of clearing away the conditioning which impedes the flow and therefore the experiencing of unconditional love which is our True and eternal natural being in expression.

As an eternal being, what else do you have to do?

To do this clearing we must bring our attention in to this moment right here, right now. This is where it all happens. Where we clear away the conditioning, where we experience the releasing, and releif that is the natural effect of the clearing.

If you are of the mind, “Okay, that sounds really good, but I can’t start right now. I’ve got other stuff I need to do right now. I will start tomorrow when I have more time.”

What is happening then with that attitude?

What is happening is denying the powerand value of this now moment in favor of a future moment.

I’ve got a secret for you, you probably won’t believe me when I tell it to you.

There are no future moments. There is really no tomorrow, there is really no yesterday either. All there is is this ever present presence, here, now.

When you “get this” when you truly experience the validity of this statement, you will have anchored yourself in the present and therefore your very own presence which is expressing as this moment right now.

Letting go. Being aware in this moment, and letting go, relaxing, allowing, accepting this moment right now fully and completely. This is unconditional being and therefore unconditional experiencing the true nature of your own presence in being here now.

You may slip in and out of this presence, awareness experiencing because of the pull of all the conditioning which still resides within your energy field. So, having found your presence within this moment, you know it is right here, right now, always present. It and you are one.

There really is no, “and” either. In the experiencing of this presence, does it dawn upon you the truth of this statement? If you say, no, that is okay. What you are experiencing are conditional moments.

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