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Monday, July 20, 2009

Feeling Better Now

Why is it so important to pay attention to how I feel?

Because how you feel is your point of attraction, that is to say, how you feel in this moment, is what is attracting to you like vibrations, or like feelings, so if you feel crappy now, you are radiating crappy feeling vibrations which will attract crappy feeling experiences into your life.

When you focus on feeling better and attain a better feeling due to this point of focus, you are vibrating at a better feeling vibration; therefore, you are radiating a better feeling vibration which attracts to you life experiences which feel better.

So, it is more important to focus on moving up the emotional scale than it is to focus on having a certain thing or life experience, unless of course focusing on that thing or life experience moves you up the emotional scale.

How you feel is the tone which underlies the life experiences you attract. So, if you focus on a new car and attract that, but in the process, you are feeling anxious and worried about being able to pay for it, when you attract the new car you will also have the same feeling of anxiousness and worry attached to the owning the car because that is the tone or feeling or vibration which you were radiating which caused it to be attracted to you.

The things or objects you attract are of secondary importance. The relationships you attract are of secondary importance. The physical life experiences you attract are of secondary importance.

Why? Because along with whatever you attract an emotional state accompanies them. The error most people make is in thinking having that object, or that relationship or that experience will give them the emotional experience they desire. The fact is, it is the other way around. Having the emotional experience first, before getting the objects, or relationships or experiences is really where the fulfillment in having those things or experiences are found.

That may seem paradoxical because you’ve been programmed to believe you need that new car to feel good, you need that big house to feel good, you need that beautiful person to have a relationship with to feel good, and you need that bank full of money to feel good. The list goes on and on, doesn’t it? And, I am quite certain that once you get each and every one of those things, you don’t get the feeling good with them, unless of course, you started out feeling good before you got them. If you started out feeling empty before getting any or all of those things, you will continue to have that empty feeling after getting those things.

Are you getting it now? Do you get how important it is to feel good now? Here, now is where the emotional experiences occur. In this moment, when you learn to choose thoughts and activities which inspire better emotional states, then you are planting the seeds for experiences which match that vibration or emotional state.

So if you attain a blissful emotional state first, then attract a beautiful new car, and house, and money and relationship(s) all of that will have the blissful emotional state vibration as its foundation. And, this is where it just keeps getting better and better, when you start from or create from a better feeling vibrational state.

I encourage you to play the feeling better game.

In case you haven’t seen the little video clip I made about this game, I will tell you how to play it now.

Right now, consider how you are feeling. Then think of something that has the effect of moving you up the emotional scale. Alternately, do something which has the effect of moving you up the emotional scale. The object of the game is to experience a better feeling emotional state, even if it is just a slight bit better feeling. And then once you attain that feeling better state, to proceed on up the emotional scale by continuing to play this game. If you don’t continue to move up the emotional scale, but maintain the better feeling state, you are just that much better off and will create from that better feeling state.

(One thing to consider is that you are always attracting regardless of what your emotional state is, so you might as well attract from a better feeling emotional state, right?)

If you think it is hard to do this, and don’t even give it a try, what is the result of not trying this?

You get to continue experiencing your current emotional state as the tone of your life experiencing. If you like your current emotional state; you believe you can’t feel better now, or you believe you feel as good as it gets, then great! But, if it is possible for you to feel better, and you choose to do something to move you into a better feeling state, you are thereby taking control and steering the course of your emotional life.

To have all the wonderful things life has to offer is great only to the extent that the emotional foundation upon which it rests is great.

That is why there are people who have all the wealth and possessions this life has to offer and yet feel unsatisfied and/or unhappy. They likely went after all those things with the hopes of finding their happiness, but from an unsatisfied or unhappy state, that is what they attracted more of, unsatisfied and unhappy.

The Law of Attraction states: Like attracts Like. If you want to attract happieness, then you have to be happy to attract more happieness.

The feel better game is an on going thing. That is to say, you can’t just do it for 5 minutes and feel a little better while doing it, and expect that feeling better emotional state to endure indeffinately. What is more likely to happen is that after a short time, you will revert back to your normal emotional state which will happen because that is where the preponderance of your vibrational state is. In order to effect a change in your “normal” vibrational state, it takes persistance so that over time, your “normal” emotional state shifts to a higher vibration.

Just like anything you are trying out and learning for the first time, at first it requires almost constant attention to be aware of your current emotional state, then chooseing to feel better, and thereby think of, or do things which engender a better feeling emotion.

The journey or spiritual path then, is to feel better emotionally. As you progress upon this path, the stuff that you get along the way is then the icing on the cake so to speak, it just makes the cake that much sweeter and more delightful to partake of.

Choose to feel better now. This is the best choice you can possibly make in this moment.

Here is an example dialogue of playing the Feeling Better Game:
(You can play this by yourself, or with the help of a friend or companion.)

How do you feel now?

I feel “okay.”

Could you feel better than “okay”?


Can you think of something that when thinking of that causes you to feel better?

I can’t think of anything like that right now.

Okay, is there something you like to do that causes you to feel better when you do it?

I like listening to music that I like. I always feel better when I listen to my favorite music.

Okay, can you do that now?

No, not really, I’m at work right now, and I don’t have my music collection here, and I can’t listen to music while I’m at work anyway.

Alright, is there anything else you can do right here, right now which will elevate how you feel right now, even if it is just a little bit?

I can go talk to my co-worker friend. I always feel better when I am talking to her.

Okay, go do that now, then after you’ve talked to her for awhile, return to this exercise.

(After returning.)

How do you feel now?

I feel better.

Good! You have intentionally moved up the emotional scale. This should prove to you that you can do this, and it can be fun too. (Actually, it should be fun. If it isn’t fun, you are not likely to do it. If it isn’t fun, you aren’t moving up the emotional scale anyway.)

Evalutaion of the example:

Even though listening to music wasn’t available at the time of the example, that is a good choice to make when you can listen to your favorite music because it has the effect of moving you up the emotional scale.

Also, even though this person couldn’t think of something right then to make him/her feel better in that moment, he/she might be able to think of something at some point which does have the effect of moving him/her up the emotional scale, so that is also a good choice to pursue.

Additional, there are many things people do that help elevate their emotional state. Some people enjoy cooking, some people enjoy crafting or painting or photography. Whatever it is for you, choose those things to pursue as they are tools to elevate your emotional state.

The times when it is most valuble to play this game are when you dip emotionally to a lower emotional state. i.e.: When you are angry, when you are upset, when you are sad, when you feel hopeless, etc.

Remember, you are attracting all the time based on your vibrational contenance, or emotional state, so whatever that emotional state is, radiates out to the universe, and you attract more of that to yourself.

Remember to play the feel better game often. It can be as simple to play as remembering the game, then in the moment, pursuing feeling better with whatever avenue that is, which results in feeling better emotionally. The more you do this, the easier it will get because you can recall the things that worked for you before, and try them again. And, your successes in and of themselves can be fuel for feeling better too.

It is all in the experiencing, feeling better.

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