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Friday, July 10, 2009

Answering Questions...

Questions from the Blogtalk.com Radio Show, LightWorks with Jen & Amy, 7-2-09

I’ve listened to the recorded version of the program a few times, and in so doing, realized there are some questions asked of me, that I didn’t really answer sufficiently, therefore, I’d like to more fully answer some of those questions here.
I’ve paraphrased the question.

Amy asked, “What are my blogs about, and where do I get the inspiration to write them?”

The blogs I post here, and on my Myspace.com blog page are primarily about life, and the insights I’ve had and or experienced with the intent and focus to help others experience their own lives more fully as I’ve come to experience my life in this way also. What I write, often uses the word, “you” which isn’t necessarily just pointing the finger at the reader, but also pointing the finger at myself as well. The reason is, often what I write about to help someone else, is really the inner guidance I need to apply to my own life experience, so as I re-read some of these blogs, I see lessons for my own growth and advancement contained therein, and I can also see how this information is generally useful to others as well. It is useful because the information isn’t ego centric, or pointed to a specific person, but rather more basic and broadly applicable than that.

In that paragraph I also sort of indicated where I get the inspiration from, and that is through my own life experiences and observation of the people, places and events I am traveling through and with on my life path. Sometimes, I am inspired to write about something because I pose a question to my Inner Knowing Self, and what comes forth are the answers to my questions. Other times, I observe behaviors in myself and others which inspires me to write about that so that I get more clarity about that.

So, if I write and say, you should do this or that, the you I am referring to is just as much me the writer as it is you the reader. I believe we are all on this path together, and the fact that you are reading this tells me, there may be something of value for you the reader as well as for me the writer as well.

Jen asked, “What transition point caused you to live your life at a deeper level? What turning point did you approach where you decided to go a different way?”

I’d have to say, that the forks in my life path and the choices I had to make at those moments weren’t necessarily conscious deliberate choices, but rather logical choices to lead me down the path to where I wanted to go or where it felt best for me to go. So in that sense, it was sort of like driving to the store, for example, there are many ways to get there from where you are, or at the very least more ways than one, in most cases that you could choose from. So turning left and going around the block to get to the store is a turning point in that journey, and it may turn out that turning right to go around the block to get to the store on the other side of the block isn’t any more significant than the other choice, because they both lead to the same place and there really isn’t any great significance to be found in either turning point choice.

Some significant events in my life which have brought me to this time and place on my path? There have been many people involved in my life each one in his or her own way played a part in choices I made along the way. Just like most people, I have faced the choices of “the better of two evils” type of thing, where neither choice was desirable, but in order to proceed, at the time, it seemed to me, there were no other choices available, so I took the path of least resistance as it appeared to me in that moment.

I could list names of people whose influence on my growth in understanding and awareness was significant, but these names, for the most part, would be meaningless to most readers as they are people without fame and therefore likely unknowns to most of you.

Significant events?

When I was very young Catechism class in elementary grade school and reading the bible set the foundation for what was to unfold later in my life.

Being introduced to Siddha Yoga, going to a Siddha Yoga Teachers Training Course in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the experiences I had prior to going to that course and during that course where significant and important times where I learned a lot about myself and how this manifestation works. In the process of all of that I learned about meditation and chanting as tools for changing my focus and therefore my vibrational continence. (I could write about one experience which was significant for me that enabled me to go to this course, as well as a dream I had prior to going, and also one of the Yogi instructors/presenters telling a story during one of the classes which referred to the dream I had. If you want to find out more about that, let me know by leaving a comment below this blog.)

In conjunction with Siddha Yoga, reading the “Autobiography of a Yogi” as well as similar types of books broadened my awareness, and made me aware of the greater and true self within us all.

To reflect the understanding I’d come to, I wrote a little booklet titled, “Gardening Your Mind.” In which I presented information about the manifestation process using the analogy of a garden to express the ideas about manifesting. The basic teachings contained in that booklet were presented in other words and other books prior to and after the writing of that booklet. So all of this information has been around for a very long time.

“What the Bleep!” and “The Secret” were a couple of movies which furthered my progress upon the path and eventually led me to find the writings and teachings presented by Jerry and Esther Hicks as Ester brought forth Abraham’s teachings which delved deeply into the Law of Attraction and its application in our life experience.

Further confirmation of what I’ve known for some time was presented in the writings of Eckhart Tolle and his book titled, “The Power of Now.” If you’ve read any of my blogs, you will see many of the same concepts presented by Eckhart also stated in by blogs but presented in my own words.

So, the saying, “No man is an island unto himself,” is true. I’ve been influenced or taught by many people and what I know and experience now is a culmination of each and everyone who’s been a part of my life journey.

In answer to the question about going a different way, to the best of my awareness, I’ve always been on the path which has led me to be here now, writing this. That is to say, there wasn’t a time when I was solely focused on becoming rich and famous, or some other ego centric life path where I then had to choose to either follow the mundane path, or to pursue the spiritual path. In retrospect, I think I’ve always been on this path and haven’t deviated from it to any great extent. So, with that, I guess you could say this is my purpose for being here, this is why I’ve come forth at this time, this is why I’ve had the life experiences I’ve had, so that I could be here now, and not only further my own growth in awareness and clarity, but share this knowledge freely with everyone who has ears to hear and eyes to see. (That is not to limit the freely part, as this freely giving applies to everyone.)

During the Blogtalk radio program, there was talk about the pain people experience. I think this was referring more to emotional pain rather than physical pain, but there is some connection between the two too. At any rate, I’d like to write a bit about pain and it’s cause and it’s release.

The Sedona Method is a method where a person learns about releasing. In developing an understanding of this releasing, a description is given as an example of how we emotionally hold tightly to people places and things, and how that holding tightly causes us pain. You can experience this for yourself right now. If you want to try this experiment, find a pen or pencil and grasp it in your hand. Hold it very tightly for a minute or so, really grip it tightly. What happens when you do that? You eventually experience pain from holding it so tightly, right? Now, if you’ve held that pen very tightly for a very long time, the pain might seem normal to you, and the gripping tightly might seem normal too, so that if you wanted to let go of the pen, there would be a bit of struggle or resistance to letting it go, or opening your hand, and that is because the muscles in your hand have become accustomed to gripping tightly, and it take a bit of effort to open your hand, doesn’t it? So once you finally are able to open your hand with your palm facing up, and the pen laying in your palm, you can see, that the pen isn’t attached to you, that if you move your hand around, the pen may roll freely across your palm. So, what happens when you turn your hand palm down? Yep, the pen drops to the floor without any effort on your part. It is a natural effect of gravity at work.

That is an example of how we emotionally hold tightly on to people places and things, and also how it hurts to hold so tightly to those things, and how it seems to be natural after awhile to have that constant pain. It also shows how when we try to let go of those people places and things, it may be a bit hard at first, and it may be somewhat painful to do so, but if we persist, we can figuratively open our hand, turn over our palm and the releasing process works naturally for us each and every time.

If you want to learn more about the Sedona Method as a simple and easy way to release anything and everything you’ve been holding so tightly to in your life experience, do a search for Sedona Method and find their website.
Additionally, if you haven’t read the book, “The Power of Now,” I recommend you give it a read as well as the book by Jerry and Esther Hicks titled, “Ask and it is Given.” If you study and implement the teachings from the Sedona Method, The Power of Now and Ask and it is Given, you will enrich your life experience and find the possibilities before you are infinite.

If you haven’t listened to the Blogtalk radio program and would like to, please use this link:


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