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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Path of Least Resistance,

(or the importance of making conscious choices.)

Here is what Wikipedia says about “the path of least resistance:


The path of least resistance

The path of least resistance describes the physical or metaphorical pathway that provides the least resistance to forward motion by a given object or entity, among a set of alternative paths. The concept is often used to describe why an object or entity takes a given path.

In physics, the path of least resistance is always taken by objects moving through a system. For example, water flowing downhill follows the path of least resistance as it is pulled downward by gravity. Electricity flowing through a circuit behaves similarly; while every available path has some current flowing through it, the amount of current through each path is inversely proportional to its electrical resistance. Atmospheric disturbances (storms) flow on the path of least resistance by flowing toward zones of low barometric pressure, where lower air density offers less impedance to the storm system than higher pressure zones.

One exception to this rule is in the realm of quantum physics, where particles behave in a probabilistic rather than deterministic manner.

The path of least resistance is also used to describe certain human behaviors, although with much less specificity than in the strict physical sense. In these cases, resistance is often used as a metaphor for personal effort or confrontation; a person taking the path of least resistance avoids these. In library science and technical writing, information is ideally arranged for users according to the Principle of least effort, or the path of least resistance. Recursive navigation systems are an example of this.

Note: The path of least resistance applies on a local, not global, reference. For example, water always flows downhill, regardless of whether briefly flowing uphill will help it gain a lower final altitude (with certain exceptions such as super-fluids). In physics, this phenomenon allows the formation of potential wells, where potential energy is stored because of a barrier restricting flow to a lower energy state.

The reason I included that information is so you have a basic understanding of this principle and also so you come to realize this principle is in effect, and a naturally a occuring process throughout the manifest world.

Have you considered this principle when thinking about the Law of Attraction, which is another principle always operating within the manifest world?

The path of least resistance comes in to play when we are on autopilot so to speak, that is to say, we are vibrating or radiating desires which cause the Law of Attraction to respond. So, the law of attraction is a natural process just like the principle of the path of least resistance, and what that means is in order to balance out the energy/vibrational equation, so to speak, the energies and vibrations in action/play will follow the path of least resistance to complete the balance involved in that energy/vibration equasion.

In a naturally occuring operation of laws and principles, there are no conscious choices involved. What occurs is somewhat unpredictable in most cases because the path the energy will follow or flow through is determined by the resistance in place along the path. So, in one instance, the flow of energy may follow a different path then the next instance because of the ever changing nature of expression and being in the manifest world.

Why is this important to consider? Because it indirectly states how we got to where we are right now, in this moment. Since the attracting forces are always in effect in our lives and experiences, we may consider that the attraction causes an imbalance in the energy/vibrations which NEEDS to be balanced. And, that is how the law of attraction works, the energy and vibration are always seeking that balance. In order to bring the vibration in to balance, the energy will flow through whatever path is available which means it may flow through a path that, had we made a conscious choice about, it might not have taken. As an example of this, lets say that there are several ways to get from your house to the local grocery store. Without thinking, you may always go, or follow the same path you normally follow, because it is the path you know, and gets you there with the least delay, or resistance. So, lets say you consciously decide to take a different route. The different route may be just as effective at getting you to the store as the route you normally take, so the end result is you get to the store, which in the energy balance equasion completes that process. The difference between the two is one path you consciously chose, the other path, you automatically followed.

When ever you don’t consciously make a choice, the natural process comes in to play, so a no choice results in a path by default. The thing is, the energy doesn’t care, or decide anything, it just flows and seeks balance.

So, if you consciously didn’t choose to be a heterosexual, you may have become a homosexual due to the natural flow of energy seeking balance. So, being gay probably isn’t a conscious choice for anyone, just like being a heterosexual isn’t a conscious choice for anyone. These expressions in being come about due to the natural flow of energy which always follows the path of least resistance to come to an energy balance.

I use the sexual orientation example because it applies to me and my life experience. The thing I want to emphasise is that if you don’t consciously make a choice, a choice is made automatically, and that choice is governed by the energy flow and the path of least resistance to the accomplishment of an energy balance.

Remember, energy flows, and constantly seeks a balance state. By default, the natural expression in the manifest world is constantly in flux because of this energy flowing and seeking balanced state. Because of the nature of manifestation, there is resistance implicated into the whole of expression which also is not static, but flowing in it’s resistant state. That is why if you trickle a stream of water on a slightly tilted, or off the horizonal level plane, the trickle of water will deviate from the direct decent course occasionally due to resistance on the surface of the glass such as oils from your fingers where you touched the glass and that sort of thing. You will also notice that once a path has been established, the water which continues to trickle will tend to follow that same path due to the establishment of prior water molicules having blazed the trail so to speak.

So in answer to questions like why did those people get killed in the 911 event? Did they attract that experience? When you consider the path of least resistance as part of the total picture, you can see that each one of those people followed the path of least resistance for themselves automatically, that is to say, they followed their established path in life which caused them to go to work the same as they always did prior to that event, they followed the path of least resistance because they didn’t make a conscious choice not to go to work that day, and because they didn’t make a conscious choice, the automatic flow of energy and the path of least resistance brought them to that time and place where they unknowingly came to die.

It is important to realize that choices are always being expressed, or put another way, the energy is flowing and seeking a balanced state regardless of you consciously choosing one path over another, and if you don’t consciously make a choice, the energy still seeks balance, therefore your lack of choosing has an effect, based upon the path of least resistance, and that “lack of choice” choice may or may not be to your liking.

To summarize then, to function on autopilot, so to speak, is to follow your own path of least resistance where random expressions in being come in to your life experience. As long as you don’t consciously choose, the automatic flow continues to be in effect and will naturally find the path of least resistance to follow towards the balancing of energy.

You can also consciously make choices about life experiences that are important to you and therefore use the path of least resistance to find those experiences expressing in your life most easily and effortlessly. Whether you consciously choose, or don’t consciously choose, the law of attraction is expressing and a partner to that law is the path of least resistance which is the avenue through which whatever the end result is, comes to you through.

So if you consciously desire and seek to be wealthy, that sets the energy in motion towards the balanced state which being experienced in your life experience will be wealth. Whether or not you qualify how that wealth is to come to you, it will come to you via the path of least resistance. If you have a lot of resistance to wealth, the path of least resistance may be a very long path filled with many twists and turns and reversals in direction, but even so, as long as there is some power behind the flow of energy to flow towards that balanced state, it will naturally find the balanced state as quickly and perfectly as it can.

All those little desires which were sent out, but didn’t have much power behind them are energy states which still seek their balanced state. Because they don’t have sufficient power behind them to move them forward, they remain in a sort of dormant state until such time that sufficient power is available to move them towards their fulfillment or balanced energy state.

This should be wonderful news for you if you consider all those little desires you’ve held and then forgotten about. Good news as long as those desires were for your own betterment, growth, health, wealth and fulfilling life experiences. You may liken this to an arrow shot from a bow, once it is loosed, you can’t say, wait a minute, I don’t want that any more. The process is already in motion, and the natural consequences will be realized whether the consequences are intended or not.

This is where the saying “Be careful of what you wish for,” comes from. And, this is why it is in your own best interest to consciously make choices which direct the path upon which your life unfolds.

You might say that it is hard to constantly make conscious choices, and in the beginning, that may be true for you. The alternative to not consciously making choices, is to accept the default choices which will result in random life experiences based upon the law of attraction and the path of least resistance.

So, if you think it is hard to begin to consciously start making these choices, the resistance you currently hold determines how “hard” it is to begin to do this. Regardless of whether you begin to consciously choose or not, you will get some sort of results, and the results you get when you consciously choose will certainly be more to your liking than letting the path of least resistance determine what those results will be.

By the way, it is perfectly fine if you choose not to consciously make choices, but rather just go with the flow. While just going with the flow may not result in specific results you desire, it will certainly be an interesting life experiencing. You can choose not to choose. Being okay with it that way may actually be what you’ve decided for this life experience this time around.

If you want specific life experiences, it behooves you to make conscious choices which initiate the energy flow towards the fulfillment of those desires. It also behooves you to let go of any resistance you may be holding towards the fulfillment of those desires, and by doing so, facilitate a more rapid balancing of the energy equation, or in other words, getting what you want more quickly.

If you aren’t getting what you want, you may not have invested enough energy towards the fulfillment of that desire, (you don’t have a strong enough desire for it,) and/or you may have resistance in place which blocks the direct path to fulfillment. To apply more energy to the fulfillment of your desire, you must hold a strong desire to have it, and also be willing to let go of thought and beliefs that are contrary to you already having it. In order to let go of this resistance, you have to become conscious of it, as long is it is hidden from your consciousness, it will effectively block the fulfillment of your desire(s).

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