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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Where I start from

If you want to plan a trip, you have to know where you are relative to where you want to go, then proceed from that knowledge. That may seem all too obvious, but what if you believe you are starting from New York City but it turns out you are starting from San Francisco? That would make a huge difference in planning your trip wouldn’t it? You might think that it is preposterous to not know you are in New York City when you are actually in San Francisco, and yes, that may very well be preposterous, but it makes an obvious point; you have to know where you are starting from, you have to accurately know where you are starting from in order to take the next step to move you towards where you want to go.

For instance, what if you don’t even know where you are but you do know you want to go to Denver? Which direction should you go? How far away is it to Denver? What mode of transportation should you choose? If you don’t know where you are, you can’t accurately answer those questions can you? So, an important point to understand is if you don’t know where you are, the very first step, in order to proceed with confidence towards any goal, is to accurately determine where you are.

I am going to venture a guess that 90% of the people on earth don’t really know where they are. They may know their physical location, they may be aware of their immediate environment and they may navigate successfully around the physical world environment. How are they able to do that? They have accurate information to base their navigation upon, and they have a sense and or familiarity of their environment which aids them through their movements. So, from a practical physical perspective, that number of 90% isn’t at all accurate, but it is more accurate from a deeper spiritual perspective.

If you think you are doing okay financially, but in fact you are about to be financially bankrupt, you can see how proceeding from that erroneous perception can contribute towards your bankruptcy.

If you think you are physically fit, but in fact should change your diet, and add some regular exercise to your daily activities, your erroneous perception will result in taking steps which likely will move you away from physical fitness rather than towards it.

If you are a drug addict, or alcohol addict, or addicted to any unhealthy practice, but you don’t think you are, the steps you take to proceed on with your life will be based on a false premise, and therefore will certainly result in taking you down the wrong path in your life experiencing.

In your life expression, if you don’t acknowledge accurately where you are right now, and you proceed towards some life goal, how can you possibly attain that goal without an accurate assessment of where you are now? If you try to proceed without this information, you start your journey from an erroneous premise; therefore any steps you take to attain your goal are likely to be wrong ones.

It is imperative that you know where you are, that you have valid information to base your next choice decision upon, to be successful in any undertaking.

Why am I writing this? So you stop and evaluate the premise upon which you are proceeding from with your life expression. If the premise you base your life expression upon is erroneous, you get erroneous results. And, any success you may stumble upon is then based upon random chance.

Some people teach that you should visualize yourself as wealthy, healthy and joyous, feel as though you are already wealthy, healthy and joyous, then regardless of where you are, you will attain those states of being.

All we have is here now. In order to proceed upon this journey, it is imperative to accept this as the starting point of our journey. The location, the time of day, the conditions which are currently present are important considerations, but unless you are centered within this here now moment, you will proceed through your life experience from a false or erroneous premise, which can only lead to failed endeavors.

You have to acknowledge how it is right now in this life experiencing moment, accepting it all, allowing it all completely, in order to proceed with certainty. This is within the realm of your awareness, yet it also extends beyond your conscious awareness to include it all.

Erroneous premises:

There is time, there is yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Why are these concepts a problem? Because they engender behavior which tends to change your focus away from your here now experiencing, engendering a false sense of importance for past experiences or future experiences. And, because of this erroneous premise you base your activities which result in erroneous results.

Example: Tomorrow when I get my new car, then I will be happy. This is projecting into the future. It may be factual that you may get a new car tomorrow, but the belief that having the new car will bring you happiness tomorrow is a false premise because if you aren’t experiencing happiness in this here now moment, it makes no difference how the external world is dressed up, as these moments unfold how you feel right now is all that matters.

Accurate premise:

There is Here, Now.

The unfolding of this presence may be calculated by use of a clock and calendar, which spawns the beliefs in time, of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Regardless of the location or the time, you can always accurately state. “I am here now.”

Example: I am happy now in this moment. I am going to get my new car tomorrow and I am fairly certain I will be happy tomorrow too because I am choosing being happy as the foundation of my life experiencing. I realize my happiness wells up from within me. It isn’t based upon external expressions which manifest as my life experiencing. The happiness which wells up from within me enriches everything in my life experiencing so that I am happy regardless of getting the new car or not. For my comfort and pleasure and ease of travel having the new car will be worthwhile and enjoyable, and I appreciate the comforts and ease that accompany this having.

Another example: When I finally find my soul mate, everything will be just wonderful.

It may be true that being with your soul mate will be a wonderful experiencing, but it isn’t being with your soul mate that makes it wonderful, it is the wonder you bring to the experiencing, being with your soul mate, that makes it wonderful. In other words, in this here now exists this wonder and experiencing this wonder here now it the only place this experiencing happens. So, experiencing this here now as wonderful is the foundation of experiencing being with your soul mate being wonderful as well. The thing is, whether you are with your soul mate or not, this here now is wonderful if you choose to make it so.

Maybe you are seeing a trend here, that is, the feeling tone in this here now experiencing is the foundation upon which external life experiencing is based. Whatever this feeling tone is tints or colors the life experiencing accordingly.

Many people belief that the life experiences tint or color your emotional state of being, but that is a false premise attributing the emotional state to an external expression which in and of itself holds no emotional content.

In other words, the new car contains no happiness within itself. The relationship with your soul mate doesn’t innately contain wonderfulness. Rather you bring the happiness to the car ownership and you bring the wonderfulness to the relationship with your soul mate or actually anyone in your life experiencing.

So, whatever the external expression is, the emotional tone of it wells up from within you and colors the experiencing based upon your choices.

Understanding that the emotional content of every life experience originates from within your own being, you may understand that even if you are deathly ill physically, the emotional content of being deathly ill isn’t dictated by being deathly ill but rather by your choice in how you want to emotionally experience being deathly ill. If you chose to be happy while experiencing being deathly ill, being deathly ill will be a happy experiencing.

While being deathly ill may not feel good physically, and in fact may be very physically painful, the emotional content of the experience is up to your choice. And, bringing to the experience great joy may actually be the healing balm necessary to enable moving through the experience with greater ease. So that is paying more attention to emotional experiencing joy which releases tension which is often the source of the pain, and relaxes the body into a healing state of allowing life energy to flow freely and easily in this here now experiencing.

Allowing life energy to flow freely and powerfully is the premise of well-being. Illness is the result of restricting that flow of life energy, and death is the result of the flow being restricted to such an extent that the body can no longer sustain life.

If you understand this completely, you may conclude that physical death is, or at least can be, a choice. A being that is ever present in this presence, allowing life energy to freely flow, without limitations or restrictions, enjoys life abundantly. Allowing this flow is being attuned to it, and being attuned to this flow of life energy is the source of the emotional content of our life experiencing. The source is energy, is life energy, and experiencing this life energy flowing is translated into the emotional content of our being.

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