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Monday, August 31, 2009

How many sides does a coin have?

If you said 2, you are incorrect. Actually, a coin has 5 sides.

It has a face side
It has a back side
It has an edge side
It has an inside
It has an outside

What is the result of holding the belief that a coin has 2 sides?

First, it is true a coin does have a face and a back, but that is not a complete understanding, therefore it is incorrect understanding of a coin. If one bases his actions upon an incorrect understanding of the coin, what can the results possible be? The results must logically be incorrect as well, which is to say you will not obtain the results you expect because of the error in the fundamental understanding of the coin.

When a fundamental foundational understanding is based upon incomplete or erroneous beliefs, everything that proceeds from those erroneous beliefs must therefore be flawed and erroneous as well.

There is such an erroneous belief widely held by the human race.

That belief is in duality.

The truth is, duality exists within the expression of the one, is only a partial understanding of the one. So everything that proceeds from this belief in duality is flawed because the fundamental foundational belief in duality is based upon an incomplete understanding.

It may be easier to understand this in mathematical terms.

If you know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide, you have the basic understanding of mathematics and you can universally perform these functions with any numbers.

If you are taught that 1 + 1 = 3, all mathematical conclusions thereafter will be incorrect. The thing is, if you truly understand math, you will immediately see the error in that problem. You will clearly see that 1 + 1 = 2. You may even bring this to the attention of your instructor, who may reprimand you for seeing the correct answer, and demand that you accept the false answer as the correct one. So if you ignore this truth, and proceed with the false answer, you can find no accurate and true answers after that. Who knows what the answers could be? They could be anything because they do not follow the logic and proper understanding of math.

Now, consider that everything we’ve been taught is similarly flawed. This is what has actually occurred. A fundamental truth has been ignored and in its place, a false belief has been established and universally taught here on planet earth.
If this information doesn’t shake up your world, it should because if you believe in duality, this fundamental flawed belief is causing everything else in your life to be flawed as well.

I know having read this, it is all intellectual at this point, and the realization of it will on become real for you when you actually experience this oneness.

It is like someone telling you how something tastes. You can’t really know how it tastes until you take a bit of it. In this same way, I can tell you about oneness, but until you actually take a bit of it, you won’t know how it tastes.


  1. very insightful blog! i must say wow, i always knew of the two sides and have tried my best to see both. more recently, realizing the edge was connecting and connected to both sides. but the inside and the outside, never pictured them and i guess it just goes to show that is more than what we know.

    1. Hello, Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. I appreciate you leaving a comment. If you'd like to pose questions, feel free to do so, if I am inspired with an answer, I will post it.

      Best regards,