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Monday, May 24, 2010

Chronic Wellness

When you know you are in perfect health, why go to see the doctor? What do doctors do? Primarily, they look for stuff that is wrong with you. If there is nothing wrong with you, either they may confirm that fact, or they may make something up so they can treat you for the made up condition. A doctor who’d make something up just so he’d continue to have you as a patient, isn’t the kind of doctor I’d choose, yet so often, we accept what the doctor tells us as though it is true when in fact, it is not always accurate and/or in our own best interest. A doctor, who facilitates you shifting your vibration towards an experience of well-being, is one who doesn’t dwell on the “dis” part of disease. He/she focuses upon the “ease” part and thereby facilitates a shift in your vibration towards ease or wellness.

Can a doctor, or anyone for that matter, heal you or make you better? The absolute factual answer to that question is a big NO! The doctor or other person who you may go to for healing or to get better doesn’t really do anything except act as the agent through which you allow yourself to get better or to be healed. So too, the medication isn’t really what is helping you, the acceptance that the medication is helping you is really what does the trick. Does that mean that you should stop going to the doctor, or healer to find relief for your malady? Does that mean that you should stop taking medication? No, as long as you believe, allow, expect the doctor’s treatments will give you relief, you are advised to continue to avail yourself to that avenue of healing. But, once you fully realize with absolute certainty and conviction the truth which I’ve stated above, then and only then, might you rightly decide you don’t need those avenues of healing any more.

Understand: Your current vibratory state of being (Where you are, what you are experiencing, what your beliefs are, and how you perceive what you are experiencing,) is the result of your prior point of attention and focus whether that was intentional or not, and an accumulation of your prior points of attention and focus plus everything you’ve ever accepted and included within your vibratory state of being.)

The law of harmonics causes your vibratory state of being to attract like vibrations. (If you strike one tuning fork, and then place another one next to it, the second one will begin to vibrate in harmony with the first tuning fork.)

Understand if you want to experience an altered state of being, (experience something else,) you necessarily have to alter your vibration by altering your attention and focus thereby altering your point of attraction which alters your environment and experience.

When this really sinks in and you “get it”, you will truly know you can’t feel crappy and expect feeling crappy to bring you feeling good. You will understand that if you are feeling crappy, that is a vibratory state of expression, and in order to experience feeling good, you will have to alter your vibratory state of expression towards feeling good so that feeling good is attracted to you.

When you know that being in harmony with your true state of being, (the Ultimate You,) ultimately feels the very best because you are harmonically attuned to that core vibration which is your true and eternal being, you will find that harmonic expression attracts life environment and experiences that are in harmony with that vibratory expression. And like all vibratory expressions, they reinforce the continuation of that vibratory experience naturally through automatically renewing the attention and focus which initiated the experiencing in the first place.

So, it is said, “The better it gets, the better it gets.” But, you have to get the snowball rolling down the hill before it can begin to get bigger/better. It might take some determined effort to get it to the point where its continuing growth (getting better,) happens automatically.

A chronic state of appreciation is a vibratory state which reinforces itself and perpetuates itself.
It is worth noting that how such a chronic state of appreciation shows up in life expression is not limited as to how it can and does show up. Appreciation is the true allowing force in this harmonic equation. When you are in a state of appreciation; anything and everything which is in harmony with that vibration is drawn in to your environment and experience. The extent of these experiences can be limitless if you so choose and allow it to be so.

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