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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mantra (Light Body)


A Mantra is a word, phrase or sound which is repeated audibly or mentally for the purposes of quieting the ramblings of the mind and thereby experiencing inner peace and developing mental control and intentional focus abilities.

Typically, the student is instructed to find a place where he/she may sit comfortably with eyes closed for a period without distractions or disturbances. The use of a Mantra is often incorporated within the meditation practice, which may also include monitoring the breath as the student breaths in and out. Of course, monitoring the breath in this way applies only to mentally repeating the Mantra. Also, if you are not an experienced meditater, just sitting comfortably with eyes closed and focusing upon your breathing is an easy basic meditation practice.

As a side note: One can be mindful of the breath while walking, running, or some such repetitive type of exercise. One can also mentally repeat a mantra during more activities than a sitting meditation, but one should not practice either method when your attention and focus needs to be in the present moment to insure your life, health and safety. In other words, don’t do these exercises when you need to pay attention to what you are doing.

Another way mantras may be used is to attune to a specific vibration or field of energetic expression. That is to say, one pays particular attention to a specific idea or feeling to become attuned to it, one with it, or immersed within it. Such a mantra may be more than a simple sound or short phrase; although a simple sound or short phrase may also be effective in attuning the student to a specific vibration or field of energy when used with that intention.

With this information in mind, I’d like to share a mantra I found in the writings of Baird T. Spalding, within the pages of his series of books titled, “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East.” First, I will present the mantra, and then delve into a deeper understanding of the words in the mantra in order to intellectually comprehend the scope, depth and value in attuning to the mantra’s specific vibratory state and/or energy field. It is important to actually feel the mantra so having a very clear understanding of the words may facilitate experiencing the mantra more fully. As I express the meaning of each word, it might be useful to take some time to contemplate the meaning of each word so that you progress in awareness and sort of flesh each word out within your own consciousness to your own satisfaction.

The Mantra:

“Infinite love fills my mind and thrills my body with its perfect light.”

Infinite: All encompassing, without boundaries, unlimited, expansive, abundant

Love: The highest expression in being, bliss, joy, fulfillment, expansive, attracting and attractive. Vibrationally and energetically, Love is the harmonic attunement with the ONE Source Being which is Infinite. So, Love is the constant and eternal expression of Source/Being.

Fills: as a verb means occupies completely the whole of a container. Fill, as a noun is a quantity that satisfies or satiates completely.

My: My is recognition of “Presence in being” and therefore experiencing, so “my” relates to ownership of that which is owned and or experienced, i.e. : the one experiencing the full expression of infinite love.

Mind: The element or complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills, and especially reasons. So to state this in another way, mind is the seat of your conscious awareness.

So, Infinite love fills my mind, engulfs my conscious awareness. I’m aware of being immersed in this infinite energetic field which expresses as, and is experienced as blissful, fulfilling, expansive, and attractive being.

Thrills: feelings of excitement, exuberance, elation, also vibrates or trembles perceptibly.

Body: The organized physical substance, the material part of a human being. Also, includes the less substantial electromagnetic field which encapsulates and penetrates the material substance of a human being.

Perfect: Being entirely without fault or defect.

Light: electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength that travels in a vacuum with a speed of about 186,281 miles (300,000 kilometers) per second.

I like to also use the word “Life” in place of “Light.”

Life is defined as a principle or force that is considered to underlie the distinctive quality of animate beings.

So to recite the mantra in a more wordy but meaningful way, one might say:

All encompassing, limitless, expansive, abundant blissful joy, fulfilling, and expansive, attracting and attractive vibrational energy completely occupies my conscious awareness and excites with exuberance and elation my physical substance and subtle electromagnetic field with flawless electromagnetic radiance.

So, when you repeat the mantra, you can intellectually have a greater grasp of what you are saying, and as you more fully understand what you are saying, you may more easily attune to the vibrational expression which is to say, you may actually experience and embody the mantra more fully through intentional aware focused repetition.

When repeating the Mantra go for the feeling and realization experientially of what you are saying. In this way, you will bring about the expression in being, your flawless electromagnetic radiance body

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