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Saturday, June 19, 2010

God is Light.

God is Light.

In a prior blog I wrote about false premises wherein I wrote anything which has a foundation of or originates from a flawed or false premise is therefore also flawed or false. With this understanding you may clearly understand the truth, and clear away everything based upon a flawed or false premise. The purpose of this writing is therefore to aid in clearing away a flawed premise, a false premise which uncovers the truth of our being.


In the beginning there was light and God spoke, “Let there be darkness.” Out of those words sprang the potential for infinite possibilities and potentials.
The Bible has it wrong in that it states that God said, “Let there be light.”
Now that I’ve said that, let me expand on the logic and reasoning which makes the first God statement true, and the second God statement false.

The unspoken or implied message of God saying “Let there be light,” is this: God is not light, God created it, therefore light is subordinate to God. To carry that implied message further, if God is not light, that means God is darkness and that darkness brought forth or created light.

It is universally accepted and understood that energy is indestructible. It changes forms but still remains energy. Being indestructible, the next logical thought must be that energy always was, and will always be. In other words, energy is eternal.

What is a characteristic of energy? It vibrates. Via this vibration, via the infinite variation in vibration, all manifestation expresses in infinite ways. Energy has spectrums of vibration, that is to say scales of vibration. Sound is an obvious spectrum of vibration and as we are able to hear, we can know, at least to the extent that our human hearing can perceive, sounds in degrees of pitch and octave and tone as well as volume. Another spectrum of vibration is that of light. The human senses perceive a portion of this spectrum as visible light while the light spectrum extends far beyond what the human senses can readily perceive. Also, in the same way there are spectrums of smell, and tactile sense, or touch. The human senses distinguish these energy vibrations as sound, light, smell, taste and touch, but in truth these senses originate from the very same energy vibration.

In order for this energy to express with purpose, intent and direction, the energy must be understood as being aware and being aware it must also be understood to be intelligent, which is to say, it is self aware.

So, in the beginning, intelligent aware energy existed. Energy without limitation certainly is universally radiant. That is to say, there was nothing but this undifferentiated radiant energy or light. It didn’t have to create light, or strive to be energy, because that is what it already was.

In order to have expression beyond its undifferentiated infinite radiant state, it had to introduce a state which would enable finite expression. In order to do this, it established resistance which is expressed in its extreme manifestation as darkness. With the creation of resistance came darkness. So with the advent of resistance came the apparent expression of duality; i.e.: God and not God, light and dark, good and bad, top and bottom, in and out, front and back and so on.

(NOTE: the idea of “God and not God” is a duality illusion because there is really only God. “Not God” is a concept within God, the one eternal infinite being.)

Darkness is the absence of light. Darkness does not or cannot bring forth light as it does not contain light to bring it forth. On the other hand, Light can bring forth darkness by limiting its radiance. By introducing resistance, darkness becomes possible. With this understanding, you may also realize darkness has no power over light but rather is the creation of light and therefore subordinate to light. That is to say that light allows darkness to be.

In the manifest, both are essential expressions for without both light and dark there can be no differentiation, no variation of energy expression.

Knowing that light brought forth darkness makes a huge difference and is a massive shift in perspective from what the Bible teaches. What this understanding carries with it is that at our source we are light, we are energy, we are indestructible, and therefore infinite aware beings. At the heart of our being is light, energy and wellness. Wellness is our true eternal state. When we remove the resistance, wellness springs forth because wellness is the energy of our infinite being in expression, and any degree of not wellness is an expression of the resistance we’ve identified with and adopted, consciously or unconsciously which limits our experiencing our natural state of wellness.

With this understanding we may therefore go forth and express our well-being through allowing it to come forth. We don’t have to make it come forth because that is its natural tendency. What we have to do though is let go of the resistance which limits, gets in the way of, or impedes the wellness expression in being. Letting go, and allowing are the tools which enable and facilitate wellness expression.

A lion doesn’t have to try to be a lion that is what it is by nature. As it allows its true expression to come forth, lioness expresses. The same is true for each of us. An eternal light being doesn’t have to try to be an eternal light being, all we have to do is allow our true expression to come forth as eternal light beings. What that means is in order for us to experience our true being; we must release the resistance which stands in our way of that realization and expression. As such resistance presents itself to us, we can release it and as we do, the light of our true being naturally comes forth. It may seem that we are very far from expressing and experiencing our eternal light beingness because we’ve encased ourselves is such seemingly impenetrable shields of resistance, because we’ve identified with the resistance more than we’ve identified with our true well-being. And, that’s okay. You don’t have to suddenly burst free from the resistance you’ve identified with as yourself if you don’t want to. At the heart of your being, whether you acknowledge it or not, well-being is always here available and naturally willing to come forth to the degree that you allow it to be so.

I know surrender may seem like a giving up word, that you should never surrender, that you should maintain the struggle, the effort, the fight, but what are you struggling to protect? I submit to you, you are fighting to protect the limitation, the separateness, the ego which is the resistance encasing your magnificence, which stands between you and the realization you’ve sought your entire life.

With the misunderstanding that God created light out of darkness, it is easy to understand the hesitance to surrender, because with this understanding, if you surrender, you surrender to darkness rather than to light. So, you see the trap set by this misunderstanding? You don’t want to return to the dark, the nothingness, therefore you maintain the fight, the struggle, the heroic efforts to overcome the darkness, when it truth, it is the darkness which binds you, it is the darkness which holds you, which hides your true magnificent being from you.

And guess what, it is all self-imposed. God the infinite intelligent aware energy being, brought forth darkness in order to be able to play. When you realize you can still play as long as you want to, and you realize you have the choice of identifying with well-being or with resistance, you no longer have to struggle against the darkness/resistance to experience your well-being but rather surrender to well-being which enables a more enjoyable playful experience.

Are you conscious? Are you aware? That which is conscious and aware is that which is God within you.

You may therefore know the meaning of what Jesus said, “God, my Father in heaven, and I are one.”

Each person/being is an expression, a lens so to speak, which facilitates a unique perspective of God in expression. In all of creation, each of us is unique. That is to say there is not another me or another you and there will never be a duplicate of any of us. We are each novel expressions in being. Do you realize how magnificent that is, how important you are, how valuable, and how cherished you are to the overall beingness which is God?

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