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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Observer

The Observer

Deep within at the center of my being, in the stillness, in the peace, in the calm, in the undifferentiating is the Observer.

While life is happening, things coming and going, movement around me as well as within this body as the cells grow, blood flows, heart beats, lungs breathing in and out, eyes see, nose smells, fingers feel the touch of the keys on my computer keyboard, ears hear sounds around me, and who is me, but the ever-present Observer at the center of my being, in the stillness, in the peace, in the calm, in the undifferentiating being.

As I sit quietly, I notice. . . this Observer is the same now as it was when I Observed my first step, as I laid sleeping, dreaming peacefully in my comfortable bed, last night, last year, a decade ago even before I was born into this body, I have always been the Observer and the one experiencing this beingness.

I notice the space of stillness remains stillness. I notice the space of peace remains peaceful. I notice the space of calm remains calm even amidst the turmoil and chaos that swirls around it like leaves being blown to and fro on a windy fall day. While the waves of the ocean swell and build up into huge masses of water which sometimes come crashing back into the mass of water from which they sprung forth. At the depth of the deepest ocean. . . calm stillness, even with the waves crashing above. . . stillness.

Walking through life, I find I don’t always notice myself as the observer, I get caught up in the activities, in the attitudes, in the movements of cause and effects. I identify with this body as though this is who I am, what I am. And even as this occurs, the Observer within notices observes.

How expansive is the stillness, how expansive is the peace, the calm? How far into the manifest world of chaos and movement does the Observer’s realm reach? How far can it reach? As the Observer it reaches out to infinity, and even amidst the movements, the activities, the emotions which range from despair to bliss, its realm is because there is no size to it, no dimension, no boundary except that which I place upon it, and even that boundary is just another observable.

How different is this Observer who reads this from the Observer who writes this? No difference.

The saying, Namaste means, I bow to that place in you, that when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.

The Observer is his place where we are one. The observer is everyone, and no one at the same time. It is everyone in that it uses these vehicles to observe; it is no one in that it does not attach to any one particular vehicle, it does not identify or limit itself.

Notice. . . That which is. . . Thoughts, sensations, feelings, sense perceptions. Who Observes this?

I do, even without saying it.

Having now experienced this, I know this exists, I know I reside here within this stillness, peace, calm for I am this stillness, peace and calm.

At the eye of a huge destructive storm is stillness, peace, even beauty all this while the storm rages and moves across the water and land, the stillness, peace and beauty remains ever present at the center of the storm. Eventually the turmoil of the storm dies down or another way to perceive it is that the peace expands replacing the turmoil.

Let the peace expand and thereby replace the turmoil, the storms that express as your life, that is, if you prefer the peace to the turmoil. It makes no difference to the Observer which choice you make. In both cases, it remains the Observer. It might make a difference to you as the experiencer though.

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