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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vibrational States in Being (Frequency States)

Vibrational States in Being (Frequency States)

General Background information

I’ve written about vibrations before, stating that everything is a manifestation of vibrating energy. Other teachers speak to this fact as well, for instance Abraham, as brought forth by Esther Hicks, often says we are vibrational beings and that the law of attraction is a vibrational law.

I’ve stated before that a characteristic of energy is that it vibrates and that there is a scale of frequencies for this vibrational energy. I don’t know the range of this scale, as far as I know, it could be infinite, but I do know that within that scale are specific frequencies which are consistent and persistent. That is to say, for instance, the frequency of 1 Hz is always 1 Hz. It is consistent and persistent. So with this understanding, one can extrapolate this understanding and apply it to every frequency within the scale of vibrational energy. Whatever the defined frequency is, it is consistent and persistent. (This is very important to grasp and understand.) This is important because if you can identify a specific frequency, you can attune to it, and by attuning to it, you can experience that frequency. And, if you can experience that frequency, you can remember it, and if you can remember it, you can choose to experience it again by recalling the memory of it and thereby attuning to it once again, drawing it into your sphere of experience. If you don’t have a conscious memory of a specific frequency, you can become aware of it by searching for it. So for instance, while you don’t consciously know what the 1 Hz frequency feels like, you can know that it does exist. Knowing that it does exist enables you to seek it out, or attune to it which brings us to the idea of attraction about which Abraham primarily speaks.

Everything is a manifestation of vibrational energy. What we perceive through our senses in this human body, are not just one frequency at a time, but a multitude of frequencies in combination which present, express and therefore are experiencable to us as our life in human beingness.

Within the scale of frequencies, there are ranges of frequencies or spectrums which are generally and broadly identifiable as light, sounds, taste, smell and touch. And narrowing those ranges down, for example, one can experience within the light spectrum a range of colors, within the spectrum of sound, one can experience a range of sounds and the same is true of taste, smell and touch. In other words, there isn’t just one frequency of light, but derivations of that spectrum of frequencies which we experience through our human senses as what we perceive as colors also in a range from magnitude and intensity. (Dark and bright being magnitude or intensity of the specific frequency.) In the same way, each spectrum (sound, taste, touch, smell,) encompasses variations which each can be experienced with varying intensity.

Within the total spectrum of vibrational energy one can expect an infinitely rich and diverse library of unique vibrational states which are available and therefore experiencable. Remember, each of these vibrational states is consistent and persistent.

What I identify as myself, in this human body, as Jerry Dechant, is a compilation of vibrational energy in being. As I consistently identify with and therefore attune to this mix of vibrational energy in expression, I maintain my “identity” as Jerry Dechant, recognizable to those who perceive me as the same Jerry Dechant they’ve met or known before. This is not really true though, because I am really not the same vibrational mix now as I was a moment ago, the truth is, neither are you. While we may remain substantially the same, we are constantly adjusting, remixing, re-attuning vibrationally from moment to moment.

A sense which most humans don’t understand as a sense, and therefore may not effectively make use of is what we identify as emotions. Similar to the other senses, there is an emotional scale of vibrations or a spectrum of vibrational energy expression. Emotional experiences may generally be understood as good feelings and bad feelings. These emotional sensations are actually feedback which enables us to actively attune to a chosen frequency or compilation of frequencies. The emotional sensations therefore are indicators which inform us of our proximity to our point of attention and or focus. That last statement is true only when we understand the function of emotional sensations. If we don’t understand why we have emotional experiences, we may erroneously attribute these experiences. An example of this idea is may be expressed as follows, “You make me so very happy!” or on the other end of the spectrum, “You really piss me off!” If you adopt the understanding expressed by these statements, you will want that other person to be present all the time because he/she “makes you very happy” and if you want to remain very happy, you will need that person to continue to make you very happy, won’t you?

Also, if you believe that someone pisses you off, you will want to avoid that person unless you enjoy being pissed off.

The results of this misunderstanding of the emotional experiences are very different than the results when a proper understanding of these emotional sensations is grasped.

If you understand that the emotional experience of being “very happy” is an indicator of being attuned to what you desire, you will understand that the experience of being very happy isn’t given to you by someone else, but rather the result of being attuned to your own desire.

Likewise, the experience of being “pissed off” is an indicator of being very far out of attunement with what you desire. With the proper understanding, one can avoid getting very pissed off by monitoring the emotional sensations and if these experiences begin to move towards being pissed off, redirecting attention and focus so that instead of moving further out of alignment with your desire, you again move towards your desire.

In this way, the emotional sensations are our navigation system which enable us to effectively move through the infinite range of vibrational experiences as life unfolds within us, around us and before us.

States: Attracting, Neutral and Repelling

Attracting State

Part of the problem people have with effectively using the law of attraction is they don’t adequately understand the emotional experiences as a guidance system. They don’t understand the nature of vibration, therefore they may want something very strongly, but because they lack the valuable understanding of their emotional experiences, they may not effectively attract what they desire.

To correct this, I suggest understanding and experiencing what the state of attracting feels like. How that manifests for you in your life experience may be uniquely yours, but the feeling of the attraction state is one of those persistent and consistent frequencies, which once you know about and attune to, will facilitate the effective application of the law of attraction within your life experience.

This requires an experiential knowing. So, you will have to find this Attracting State within your own being by first thinking about this attracting state vibration. What does this vibrational state feel like? If feels like your presence is drawing to you like a magnet draws metal particles to it’s surface. Generally, this attracting state feels very good or what might be understood as positive emotional experiences. The magnitude of this feeling is determined by your attunement with the attracting state frequencies. There is very little if any effort necessary when attuned to this vibrational state in being. The only effort necessary is that of applying attention and focus upon that which you desire.

Take a few minutes right now to sit quietly, with your eyes closed to find the attracting state feeling. Once you find it, attune to it, and reside there for a time so that you become more familiar with this sensation.

Neutral State

The Neutral State is the state where there is no attracting or repelling occurring. One can maintain a neutral state and move through life neither attracting nor repelling anyone or anything. This is a peaceful state, a relaxed state. This is the state you are in when you aren’t actively attracting or repelling vibrational expressions. In this state, it is easy to move through a crowd of people without attracting or repelling anyone, which is experienced as easily moving through the crowd.

Take a few minutes right now to sit quietly, with your eyes closed to find the neutral state feeling. Once you find it, attune to it, and reside there for a time so that you become more familiar with this sensation.

Repelling State

This is an unnatural state because our natural state is to attract. Because this is an unnatural state, it is the state which requires a great deal of energy to maintain. It is like being in a river with a very strong current, and trying to swim against the current. It is certain the current of the river is more consistent and persistent than the individual is able to move against it. This state therefore includes a great deal of struggle, frustration and fatigue.

Even though the Repelling state is unnatural, you are probably more familiar with this state than the other two, in particular if your life has been a struggle, if you’ve experienced frustration over and over again, and or if you are constantly exhausted.

You may take a few minutes right now to sit quietly, with your eyes closed to find the repelling state. Once you find it, attune to it so that you have an actual experience of how unnatural this state is.

Now that you’ve experienced these states, (I hope you did take the time to experience them as I suggested,) the next step is to actively and or intentionally move from one state to another.

If you are predominately experiencing the repelling state, actively focus upon attuning to the neutral state because that is the easiest state to access from the repelling state. All you have to do is relax. Relaxing is letting go, putting aside any concerns, issues or intentions other than just being here now. Breathe easily. Take an easy deep breath, and then just let it go.

Actively attuning to these states.

Actually, if you participated in the suggested experiences, you actively attuned to each one of these vibrational states. You may therefore understand how to intentionally attune to these states, or move out of one state into another. This is done through present moment awareness and conscious intentional focus of attention.

The neutral state is an excellent vibrational state to attune to because it enables you to “energize” yourself. It is also be an excellent state to observe from. Observe your physical sensations, your surroundings and people from this neutral state. Observe your emotional experiences from this neutral state in particular when you observe thoughts which come drifting through your field of consciousness.

To be an effective applier of the law of attraction, you will certainly want to actively attune to the attracting state primarily and secondarily the neutral state for your periods of rest. If you primarily reside in either of these two states, you will likely begin to find your energy level increasing, your ability to accomplish a great deal with minimal effort and maximum enjoyment will become the norm for you.


I think a better word is Homeplay. I’d rather play than work, so lets begin to call it Homeplay instead of homework.

For your homeplay, practice actively attuning to the attracting state. Think about it, feel it, let it encompass your being. Reside within this state. Alternately, practice attuning to the neutral state. Like anything else, the more you practice, the more you play within these vibrational states, the easier it is to maintain them and or enter them at will.

The results will be amazing, to say the least. There is a cornucopia of fulfillment awaiting your accepting it into your life experiencing. Residing in the state of attracting also implies a relaxed open state where that which you’ve previously expressed a desire for easily and effortlessly is drawn into your life experience.

As you play within this state of attraction focus upon what you desire rather than what you want to avoid or don’t want. Whatever you focus upon within this state will be drawn to you, so be mindful of what you are attracting.

The last but not least important point to reiterate is to be mindful of what you focus upon and intentionally focus upon what you desire.

Dreams DO come true, it will happen to you!

Best regards,

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