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Friday, May 14, 2010

An Email to Steven Greer @ Orion Project

I’d like to share a few simple thoughts with you in the hopes they will enable you to more strongly proceed towards your goals.

You probably have heard of the law of attraction, which states like vibrations attract like vibrations. In order to proceed towards a desired outcome, one must be in vibrational alignment with that outcome in order for it to be manifest. One does not attain such an alignment by paying attention to the resistance to the desired outcome, or to those opposed to the desired outcome. The resistance which appears along the path which makes us feel less aligned with our source being, (i.e., angry, fearful, discouraged, etc.) are indicators for the need in a course correction to enable us to proceed towards our goal. The course correction is experienced by feeling better which equates to coming back into alignment with our source being.
The Source Being is that which creates universes and everything in them. When we align with that, we are aligned with the most powerful expression in being, and when we are so well attuned to that source being, there are no obstacles great enough to prevent us from attaining our heart’s desire.

Another thought is that there is only ONE Source Being. All that is manifest and unmanifest is within this ONE Source Being which means from the perspective of this one Source Being you and the resistance you are experiencing are expressions of the same being. In other words, you are in the resistance, and the resistance is within you. The enemy is within you and you are within the enemy. When we remove the resistance within ourselves, we remove the resistance within our enemies as well, because they are a reflection of our own state of consciousness and being. When we truly realize our oneness perspective, we see that I am my own enemy and well as my own savior. I empower my own savior by recognizing this savior within my enemy, recognizing the Source Being which is I AM.

So, focus upon what you want. If when you are focusing upon that, it feels wonderful, you can be sure you are in alignment vibrationally with your Source Being. If it doesn’t feel wonderful, you are paying attention to that which separates you from your oneness, your power.

There are those who operate in darkness, in the shadows and their strength is through fear and its relatives. When we understand fully our oneness, we know no fear because fear is an illusion created through the propagation of duality consciousness. Think about it, do you fear your own self? No, how can you fear yourself unless you have somehow divided yourself so there is one who fears and one who is feared?

Find your source being through focusing upon that which makes you feel good, and or feel better. As you feel better, you are moving towards the vibrational alignment with your Source Being, and you are finding a more powerful expression in being through this alignment.

That which you desire awaits you. Enjoy the journey, even the pot holes and obstacles that get in your way. Remain focused upon your goal, and remain true to your Source Being. This is how miracles occur.

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