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Monday, May 24, 2010

To Fill the Void...

Do you feel like there is something missing in your life, something that, once you have it, that empty space will be filled so there is no longer that void?

As we move through life, there are probably all to many of us who can relate to that wanting to fill that void. I think if we become astute observers of our past experiences, we will notice the reality that once we get that one thing to fill that void, it may feel satisfying for awhile, but then the void shows up again and then we once again seek after that next thing to fill the void. It turns out that this endeavor is a never ending adventure with no real end in sight. It is like the carrot hanging just out of reach of the horse which keeps it chasing after getting it.

Some people might say there is nothing at all wrong with eternally trying to fill that void. After all, if we are eternal beings, what else do we have to do except occupy our time seeking, searching and finding, then seeking again and finding something else, on and on the wheel turns with us propelling its motion.

What if you could find a sense of satisfaction that was enduring, a peace, and a fulfillment that quenches your thirst which fills that void, do you think you would find that somewhere out there in the world, or do you think you would find that right within your very own being?

What if you found that sense of satisfaction, that enduring joy and peace within yourself, do you think you would stop living, experiencing your life? Do you think you’d lose motivation to live because now you have found satisfaction, now you hold joy, peace and fulfillment as your life experiencing?

Some of you might say yes. You might also realize that walking through life seeking had it’s place and that walking through life being satisfied and fulfilled also has its place as well. Every life experience is satisfying, joyous and fulfilling. So you find without seeking, you have without wanting so that each step on the path of life is an expression of grace.

When you walk the path of life with grace, how do you suppose that might influence those who walk upon the path with you? Might they be lifted into a state of grace due to your radiance in being? I think the answer is yes because like a tuning fork which is struck and vibrating causes another tuning fork placed next to it to vibrate in harmony with the struck fork, so too do we, as beings, find the power of grace causing our own being to vibrate in harmony with that vibration as well.

So, once you’ve been in the presence of grace, and you’ve moved out of it’s realm of influence, you might find you have a tendency to return to what you’d call your “normal” state of being with one exception; when you return to your “normal” state of being you will carry with you the awareness that such grace exists, and is possible to experience again.

If you look to the one who initially showed the state of grace to you, to bring you back into that state of being, you will be eternally tied to that one to keep you in the state of grace. If he or she passes away, or moves away so that you cannot follow, you may feel despair.

Despair not, for the eternal grace you seek is within you as it always has been. What the other person did was awaken that within your awareness, he/she didn’t give it to you because you already had it. Once you’ve experience this grace, it should be fairly easy to find that feeling again through meditation, through contemplation of that feeling.

When you find this feeling within your own being, you will be the light bearer who lifts others up as you walk your path through life, and thus the candle lights another candle which lights another candle and so on.

The void was created by the belief you are not complete, so that you might eternally seek after finding your completeness. And, as you search in the external world for your completeness, your eternal journey is assured, as you will never find your completeness by looking out there. This is how the game is played, and continues to be played.

That incompleteness is whatever you seek after to fill the void. The; “If only I had that, then I’d be happy.” And whatever that happens to be for you is part of your playing the game. If you want, you can still play the game after you’ve found your own experience of grace. Once you start playing the game from the state of grace, the game takes on a much different feel. You can become more playful and find greater joy where once you experienced longing.

It is a subtle shift in perspective which wields amazing results..

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