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Monday, August 30, 2010

Change for Improvement

Change for Improvement in life experience/situation/attitude, etc..

It does take effort to experience improvement, but the effort doesn’t have to be a struggle.

When you understand and make use of the natural forces which come into play, you may use these forces to your advantage rather than struggling needlessly against them.

When you apply effort, it may require a great deal of effort, but because it requires a great deal of effort doesn’t mean that it has to be hard. How “hard” or how “easy” anything is, is purely a mental attitude about that which you are doing.

When you truly want to experience the benefits of improvement in life experiencing, you will be faced with the value of having that improvement vs. the effort necessary to have that improved experience. When the effort is greater than the desire, improvement will not be pursued because you don’t want it enough. Conversely, if you really want the improvement so much that no other option is available to you, your desire will easily exceed the amount of effort it takes to experience the improved life experiencing. In this case, you will apply the effort with unwavering determination until the improved life experience is realized.

When you remove the “hardness” and the “struggle” from the equation, it become a simple matter of doing.

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