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Sunday, December 5, 2010


By Jerome Dechant
December 5, 2010

What you identify as “you” is the result of the filters which selectively permit the data to pass through to your awareness. Your life experiencing, and your personal perspective are governed by these filters. No two individuals have exactly the same filters; therefore, each individual’s perspective is unique. This is why a room full of 100 people will result in each person’s experiences and perspective being different. The similarities that these 100 people will confirm having are because there are basic structures in the filtering system which universally allows basic data through to the awareness of all human beings. This can be understood by the example all human beings experience breathing, seeing, hearing, smelling, tactile touching and tasting, unless there is a functional disorder which prevents the data from making it to the awareness.

So, in the example of the 100 people, they would all see substantially the same thing, although from their own unique perspective. They would all hear substantially the same thing, (if there was a speaker on the stage talking,) from their own unique perspective. And so on with the other senses which form the basis or foundation of our commonality as human beings. You are able to read these words because of our commonality in reading and understanding the English language. The interpretation of what is stated can vary from individual to individual because of the additional filtering which varies the understanding of what is written.

I want to back up a bit to write about why the filters are in place.

That which we are aware of through our physical body senses is defined by the sense which receives the raw data. Each sense has a certain frequency range which it is calibrated to receive; therefore each sense has its own filter which limits what it allows to pass through to your awareness. The human eyes perceive a very small part of the actual light spectrum data which we are immersed within. This is true for each of the senses. Each sense is actually capable of perceiving a small part of the total spectrum of its specific frequency range. And these limitations are inherent in the human species because of nature.

To understand this in another way, I will use numbers which in these examples may not be factual in their numeric accuracy, but they will represent the ideas I mean to present here.

Everything is vibrating energy. The spectrum of energy vibration, for purposes of our understanding, is infinite. If we break down this infinite spectrum of energy vibration into bits of data, we would have a data pool with an infinite number of bits of data. Since grasping an infinite number is impossible to comprehend, I will use an example in numbers which is more comprehendible because any number I pick will be finite. So, in this example, let’s use the number one billion to be representative of the infinite bits of data always present within being. There are one billion bits of data in which we are all immersed within, and in fact, we are each composed of and therefore part of these billion bits of data. We are within this soup of data as human beings with conscious awareness. (The conscious awareness (being) is that which is aware of the data but not dependent on the data for its existence. The data exists because of the conscious awareness, (being) not the other way around. Without the filters the one Being is consciously aware of its infinity, of the totality of its bits of information. As such, It has one perspective which is all encompassing. So, if you or I removed all of our filters what would be perceived is this one infinite beingness. People who experience this one beingness have done so through the dropping of the filters which enable their individual identity perspective.

The first filter established within the data pool was the formation of duality, i.e. me and not me. And from this split, all relativity sprang into existence. This one filter enabled the one being to experience the perception of twoness. So, in this first instance the one being retains its awareness of its totality without filters, and at the same time inhabits an identity which isn’t aware of its totality but something different from the totality, an individual with an individual perspective.

The difference now is that the individual perspective is within the infinite data pool where the One Being IS the data pool. Being within the data pool, the individual perspective could then explore and create and thereby establish additional filters to further differentiate and define the data. Some examples of these filters are: light and dark, male and female, good and bad, hot and cold. In all of these filtering systems you will notice a pairing of opposites which means, one could not experience light without darkness, good without badness, male without femaleness, hot without coldness. Whatever the pairing is, each one is dependent upon the other for its expression.

Okay, I got a bit off track there, but important information, none the less.

Back to the filters.

If you and I could embody the exact same filters, our life experiencing would be identical. As a matter of fact, by adopting the identical filters, we wouldn’t know each other as you and me, but rather as I am. We would both experience beingness from the same exact perspective. What this would mean is once we adopted the exact same filters, there wouldn’t be a “both of us,” there would only be one of us. If it was possible for both of us to adopt the identical filters, whoever was the adopter would cease to exists from his/her previous personal perspective and then fully merge and embody the perspective of the other which would then not be “the other.” This probably is something most humans would not be interested in except for those who want to be someone else. (Note: Such a merging would not be just assuming the identity of someone else while maintaining your previous perspective and identity. Assuming the exact same filters as another would result in the dissolving of the prior perspective filters in order to embody the adopted filters perspective. This means, there wouldn’t be a blending of filters like pouring milk into coffee resulting in something else, but rather it would be like pouring milk into coffee and the milk becoming coffee.)

Rather than such a loss in perspective, I’d suggest maintaining one’s own perspective while adopting the aspects of the other which one admires which means adjusting one’s own filters to enable the flow of data which expresses through being as embodying the admirable traits. Assuming the admirable traits of another might be understood as a learning process as in a student adopting the filters which allow certain knowledge to be understood and embodied. An aspirant following the example of a spiritual teacher would be an example of adopting the filters and dropping filters which previously restricted the flow of data necessary to embody the similar life experiencing as the spiritual teacher.

Not stated previously is something that is obvious but not apparent. That is the data which expresses as an enlightened being, a millionaire, a poor homeless person, etc. are all currently present in each moment. That means that if you are a poor homeless person, the data is already in existence which, were you to drop the filters which express as a poor homeless person, and adopt the filters of an enlightened being, would result in embodying enlightened beingness.

If you’ve read some of my previous blogs, you are familiar with my sharing of Abraham’s teachings as brought forth by Esther Hicks. Abraham often says that it is the resistance which is in the way of our experiencing all the wonderful things we’ve desired. Think about that. What is a filter? It is a resistance which doesn’t let certain data through to your awareness and experiencing. What we want is right here right now available to us. It has always been right here, but we haven’t been cognizant of it because we’ve filtered out that from our awareness, and therefore our experience.

When we realize we have control of the filters which are currently in place, we can change them so we have other data coming through to our awareness which results in an altered life experiencing. Instead of just living with the filters which are currently in place, we can choose to dissolve them if they aren’t serving us in our life expressing, we can thereby allow data through to our awareness which manifests as a fuller life experiencing. Such life experiencing may be the realization of the loving enduring relationships you’ve so long longed for, or the financial abundance which enables you to more fully enjoy life experiencing as well as helping others to dissolve their own filters which limit their life expressions needlessly.

It is better to teach a man to plant wheat and cultivate it so he can make his own bread, than to just give him a loaf of bread because just giving the man the bread he is dependent upon you for acquiring the bread, while the teaching method enables him to be self-governed and self-sufficient.

Right now, in this very moment, we all have filters in place which we know the results of as our life experiencing. If this life experiencing isn’t to your liking, knowing there are filters in place which are blocking the data (life experiencing,) you desire is very useful information. Knowing the life experiencing you desire already exists, but is not being experienced by you, empowers you to dissolve the filters which get in the way of the life experiencing you desire. In other words, there is a flood of wonder on the other side of this door before you. Open the door and be amazed at the wonder which awaits you.

How do you change the filters? Think about what you’ve just read. Meditate upon this information. The answers to all your questions are right here, right now present. In the asking the answer comes to you when you remove the filters to that knowing.

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