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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Gardening Tips By Jerome Dechant, Mar. 11, 2004

Definition of “Garden”: A plot of land used for the cultivation of flowers, vegetables, herbs, or fruit.

You will notice in the definition of garden it says “..used for the cultivation of...”, that means a garden is a place to grow chosen plants. It doesn’t say, “A plot of land used to turn the soil and uproot weeds.” While it is important to prepare the soil and uproot weeds, that is not where your main focus should be. The main purpose of a garden is to cultivate the desired plants, which means the desired plants should be the main focus of the cultivation process.

In the manifestation process, energy follows thoughts with emotional content. As far as the manifestation process is concerned, it doesn’t matter in the least what those thoughts are or what the emotional content of those thoughts are. So, if that is true, if you spend time focusing your thoughts on things you DON’T want, the manifestation process doesn’t distinguish between what you want and what you don’t want, it just manifest what you put your attention on.

If you are tending your garden and constantly putting attention on turning the soil and pulling weeds, what sort of manifestation are you feeding?

In the manifestation process it is VERY important to focus on what you want, not on want you don’t want or what you want to avoid. If you are planting a garden of roses, what do you focus on? You focus on roses, you don’t focus on not wanting weeds. You don’t focus on not wanting bugs. You don’t focus on turning the soil. When you focus on not wanting weeds, what do you get? MORE WEEDS!

The way to deal with weeds is to tend to your roses and if a weed shows up, notice it, release the emotional content of the thought, let it go, then return to cultivation of the roses. If you spend a lot of time considering the weed, you are putting energy into its manifestation, energy you could have been putting into cultivating the roses.

What you put your attention on, is what you get. 

Summary: Spend more time on cultivating what you want.

Your life experience is revealing to you every moment of every day, where you put your focus. The NOW MOMENT is the harvest of past attention focus. The manifestation process is working perfectly.

The point of the following exercise is to become aware of and learn how to focus your attention.

Practice consciously focusing your attention of a specific target. For Example: Set quietly, with eyes closed and focus your attention on your breathing. As you breath normally, pay particular attention to the sensation of the air entering your lungs, then pay particular attention to the sensation of the air leaving your lungs. Continue to do this with every breath.

When you notice your attention has wandered, return your focus to your breathing. Every time you notice your attention has wandered, return your focus to your breathing. The important thing is to return your attention to your point of focus. Just let go of whatever the wandering is, and return your attention to your point of focus.

The first time you do this, practice for a short time, like 5 minutes or so. After awhile increase the practice session to 10 minutes, then 20 minutes, then 30 minutes. I would suggest doing each practice session for -2- one week. That is, for a week, every time you do this exercise, do it for only 5 minutes. You can practice more than once a day, but each time, limit the practice session to 5 minutes. Then the second week, increase your practice time to 10 minutes. You can again practice more than once a day, but this time limit your practice session to 10 minutes. Follow this same process for each following weeks increasing the duration of each practice session.

As you practice this, you will get better and better at it. You will more quickly notice when your focus is wandering from your point of focus and be able to return to your point of focus and stay focused longer without your attention wandering.

Leaning to focus is key to successfully manifesting what you want. As in all things, practice is the key. The more you practice, the quicker you will learn to focus and stay focused. The time spent in practice is time well spent and will benefit you in all aspects of your life.

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