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Thursday, January 7, 2010


When was the last time you checked the filters on your furnace or air-conditioner? If you are scratching your head and wondering, “What filters?” I’d say, you’d better check into it because what happens when filters don’t get periodically checked, cleaned and/or replaced, is that over time filters get clogged with particulates that blocks the flow of air through your system, making your furnace or air-conditioner work harder and is less effective. This costs you a loss in comfort and higher utility costs.

You might ask, “Why put a filter in there anyway, why not just take out the filter and then the air would flow easily and freely all the time?”

The answer to that question is found in the reason for putting filters in such systems in the first place. The purpose in placing a filter into a furnace or air-conditioner is to filter out airborne particulates (dust, etc.) so that the air being pushed out into your living space is relatively cleaner and possibly more healthy for you to breath, (depending upon the type of airborne particulates you might have in your environment.) No matter how clean you keep your home, it is likely that you will want filters in your furnace or air-conditioner, and you will likely want to check them often to see how much build up they accumulate over time. So, you may have to replace them more often or less often depending on the amount of debris they acquire.

There are other types of filters we use such as water filters which provide us with cleaner water, fuel filters in our vehicles which keep the inside of the engine clear of fuel contaminates build up, etc.. We also use sound insulation in the walls of our homes to filter out the noises of the environment outside our homes. We use other types of insulation to keep our home cool in the summer time and warmer in the winter time. I am sure you can think of other types of filters you use all the time, and I bet the ones that can and should be checked to be cleaned or replaced might not have been being taken care of as best that they could be. So, now that I’ve brought this to your attention, you can attend to them for your own benefit so they provide the results you desire most effectively.


Okay, now that I’ve given you some things to think about with regards to filters and how they are helpful for you to have in your environment, etc., I’d like you now to consider the mental filters you have in place right now. I bet you have NEVER even thought about them. Over time, these filters can get clogged up just like the furnace filters, or fuel filters, or air filters I wrote about above. If you’ve never taken the time to check them out to see what condition they’re in, you‘re certain to find them to be really clogged. That is to say, some of the information you want to flow through the filters and therefore be aware of isn’t making it through the filters the way you would like it to. As a matter of fact, because these filters have been in place for who knows how long, and all that time, they’ve been accumulating debris which restricts the flow of information to your awareness, and all of this accumulation and limitation has been happening so gradually that right now, you don’t even realize how clogged these filters are. It is sort of like being lulled into a stupor over a long period. You are so use to the limited flow of information making its way into your conscious awareness, that it seems right and “normal.”

Some examples which out-picture as a result of clogged filters are; forgetfulness, lack of energy, low self esteem, the “I can’t” attitude, and many other things which are the denial of your own magnificence and completeness.

As a simple example of my clogged filters, I’ll tell you what recently happened to me which made me aware that my filters are blocking out information I really want to be aware of.

During the Christmas and New Year holiday season I was off work for two weeks. I have a laptop computer which my employer has recently provided to me to enable me to work from home and in the office. So, during the holiday break, I brought my work laptop home with me. The thing is, I’m use to having a desktop computer in my office at work, (which was recently replaced by the laptop computer,) so when I left for work on the Monday after my holiday break, I forgot to take it with me, and then only remembered I’d left it at home when I was just a couple of blocks from my work location. So, I had to turn around and drive nearly 8 miles back home through heavy commute traffic to get the laptop computer. The thing is, the night before, I’d put the laptop into the computer bag and placed it right below where I have my other bag hanging. The other bag is one I always take with me. I put the laptop bag right below my other bag so I’d remember to take it in the morning when I was leaving for work.

On that morning, I did the normal stuff I usually do, and as I was leaving, I grabbed my usual bag and didn’t even see the laptop bag setting right there where I’d put it the night before so I’d remember to take it. As I am so use to doing, I just grabbed my usual bag and headed out the door. In other words, my perceptions filtered out the computer bag so I didn’t even see it setting there where I’d put it. Then as I approached within a couple of blocks of my office building location, it dawned on me, (the information finally made its way through the filters,) that I forgot to pick up and take the laptop with me.

I then realize my filtering system wasn’t working to my advantage.

As conscious beings immersed in a vast sea of energy, light and information, we are constantly exposed to a huge amount of energy, light and information. In order to effectively function as a human being, we’ve installed filters so that we aren’t overwhelmed by the amount of energy, light and information we’re exposed to. In order to function as human beings, there are something, many things in fact, that we have function automatically, outside of our normal conscious awareness, like for instance most of our bodily functions. Because these functions are on autopilot so to speak, we don’t really need to pay attention to them most of the time, so we filter out all that stuff going on all the time. Consciously, we aren’t really that aware of most of these bodily functions until something goes wrong, then we become acutely aware of them.

Additionally, we have mental filters which eliminate most of the mental activity going on around us. That is to say, without these mental filters, we’d be intimately aware of all the mental activity going on everywhere all at once, all the time. As it is, we experience plenty of mental chatter which we likely identify as our own mental activity. (Actually, some of what you think is your chatter may actually be stuff coming through the filters and not necessarily originating from within your own consciousness sphere.)

Other filters that many of us have in place limit our awareness of such things like auras, spirit beings, and other such non-physical expressions in being. We also have filters which restrict what we believe we are able to do such as flying, remaining underwater for extended periods of time without drowning, walking on water and or through walls and such things. You can probably think of many other things you think you can’t do, and you think you can’t do most of them because of the filters you currently have in place.

When our filtering system is working properly, we filter out that which isn’t useful or necessary for us to pay attention to so that we can pay attention to the things in our lives we want to pay attention to.

The thing about a filter is, once it is in place it works automatically. Since the filter is between the energy, light, information, and us, only the energy, light and information that gets through the filter makes its way onto the screen of our conscious awareness. If the filters get clogged, there is energy, light and information we really do want to have and pay attention to, that doesn’t show up on our screen of awareness. In this way, our energy, awareness and perceptions are limited. Whenever you forget something (like I did the computer bag,) that is the result of a filtering system which is blocking information which should be making its way onto our screen of awareness.

As we come into this human expression in being, some of the learning we acquire or go through installs these filters. Some of that learning installs filters which are very useful, and some of that learning installs filters that just plane limit us in our expression as divine beings manifesting in physical form as human beings.

The good news is, you ARE a divine being fully capable whether you realize it or not. And, you will be fully expressive of your full capabilities in awareness and expression in being to the extent that you evaluate the filters in place which restrict the divine expression of your being, then either remove them when you deem them no longer necessary, or clean them out so they function as you originally intended them to function.

The key thing is you remain fully in control even if you don’t believe you are. You have always been the captain of your ship, so to speak. Is it time to step up to the helm and take back this position that is rightfully yours? You are reading this, and by having read this, much of the debris which was clogging your filters has hereby been vaporized, enabling the flow of energy, light and information to once again flow to you as you intended. The rest of this process is up to you. As the captain of your own ship on the sea of life, you decide what to do next.


  1. Really love the filter analogy! I'm going to walk through my day with it.

  2. Thanks Kim! :) I love that you left a comment too :)

  3. I think it might be more useful to move into a reality where there are no filters Neo...

    Like if you "forgot" your laptop, it might not be because you didn't "see it", but because you were supposed to see something else on your 2 commutes??? What did you notice???


  4. Olivesboise, I noticed the traffic is much heavier on the reverse commute, therefore it took much longer to get home than it normally does for me to get to work.

    I'm not so sure about the "supposed to" part.