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Sunday, January 3, 2010



I was somewhat surprised at the number of definitions I found when looking up this word. There are many ways this word is used. For purposes of Matrix Energetics usage, I think a synonym that applies is to frolic, or a concept like experiencing light heartedness while being engaged in an enjoyable fun activity.

So, whatever you do which fits within that broad definition; frolicking, experiencing light hearted fun is what I believe is also equal to dropping down into the heart space, or expressing life from that center within your being which facilitates that state.

Also, play implies a lack of seriousness, which is typified as a relaxed enjoyable state.

When you are doing a two point and you begin to get serious, that is an indication that you are moving out of the playful state towards the analytical state which is experienced as dry, joyless, factual, and logical.

Do miracles occur when you are being serious? Actually, miracles can and do occur anytime, anyplace without limitations as to criteria that enables them to occur or not. Often, they occur as a surprise, or unexpected occurrence. Think about it if you expected a chair to turn into a pony, and it did, would that really fall within the realm of a miracle? Maybe a miracle could be thought of as an unexpected delightful surprise. And, if you begin to think of miracles as being unexpected delightful surprises, maybe, as you move through your life experience, and find little things that are unexpected delightful surprises, you might realize you really do live in a miraculous world, where miracles are constantly occurring all around you and even within your own being.

When doing a two point, do it from that fun, lighthearted space. Allow room for delightful surprises.

Another thing that is an indicator is if you expect something to happen. That implies control. If you are playing, and something delightful happens and you are surprised when it does, you can thereby realize you didn’t “make” it happen, which means you are not in control of it happening. When you are in control and something happens, it isn’t a surprise, is it? No, it is an expected outcome. So, when you have an expected outcome, you are moving outside the realm where miracles occur.

If you want to be successful at remaining within the realm of miracles, accentuate the surprises in your life experience; accentuate the lightheartedness and fun in your life. To the degree that you are immersed within that frolicking and playful state will be the degree to which you experience the miracles occurring in your life, and therefore also your success in applying the technology of miracles expressed as Matrix Energetics.

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