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Sunday, December 18, 2011

What is the purpose of a Mantra?

by Jerome Dechant

There may be more reasons to use an matra than I am going to write about here.  As I am aware of it, the primary purpose to use a Mantra is to develope intentional focus of the mental processes of the mind.  By repeating a mantra a meditator deliberately points his/her attention to that one thought or sounds, and keeps it there until he/she transcends the individual mind and melds with the universal vibration which is at the center of being, or becomes attuned to the vibration of the mantra so that there is only the vibration of the mantra, which means there is no longer a mantra and a meditator repeating it.

Practicing using a mantra

One should approach this practice with ease and gentleness rather than a firm hard determination to accomplish the goal of unity with the mantra.  When one repeats a mantra, then the mind wanders, return to the mantra when you notice the mind has wandered.  If you are just beginning to practice developing your intentional focus using a mantra, you may find your mind quickly wanders off to other subjects.  That is okay, just notice your thoughts have wandered, then return to repeating the mantra.  With practice, you will be able to spend more time focused repeating the mantra than with wandering thoughts.


Developing the ability to intentionally focus on the subject of your choice has great benifits in your day to day life.  Becoming aware of the minds wanderings will allow you to observe how you've created the life experiences you are having, some of which may not be to your liking.  Vibrational alignment of attention towards the contents of wandering thoughts brings those things into our life experiencing.  With the development of intentional focus, one can intentionally align one's attention towards the desired "target".  With such developed attention skill, the manifestation of a desired result is empowered and enables quicker results.

Many mantras of a wandering mind.

Where the attention is places energy flows.  With this in mind, one can understand that an undiciplined mine has many mantras where it is flowing energy.  That's fine if where that energy is flowing is to your liking.  If you prefer being more selective about where your attention is place and therefore where your energy flows, you will do well to develop your skill of focus via the use of a mantra.

A simple Mantra


Repeat is often, whenever your mind wanders, repeat it.  Whenever you notice you are moving out of your blissful state, repeat it.  Speak it in your mind gently as though you are holding a delicate flower.  Feel it as you hold it and repeat it.  Let the flower grow as you hold it gently and repeat the mantra.

Be kind and gentle with yourself as you practice and thereby most effectively progress on the path with gentle determination. 

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