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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Why am I here?

By Jerome Dechant
Dec. 4, 2011

Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is the point of everything? Why do we exist?

These are a few of the questions Roger Nygard poses in his movie and series titled, “The Nature of Existence”.  Since he asked many people these questions, and they each had their own answers, I am motivated to present my two cents worth to the pot of answers, and hopefully, once you have considered what I offer, you might find more clarity which will reveal the answers to these and other questions posed in the movies and life in general.

First I suggest you may find the answer to the questions within the questions itself, if you know how to approach this task.  Let me start with the first question: 

Why am I here?

There are levels of valid answers which could be provided in answer to this question, from the very basic mundane understanding answer, to the deepest understanding answer.  To break down the questions we must establish a common ground of understanding as to the terms used in the question, the terms which must be established for mutual understanding are, “I”, “am”, and “here”.


Where is here?  The most mundane answer to this question is your current physical location so, my answer to this question from this perspective is, I am sitting in front of my computer, in my apartment, which is on the second floor of an apartment complex in the city of Mountain View, California which is on the west coast of the continent of North America on planet Earth which is the third planet in orbit around the Sun which is a star in the Milky Way Galaxy.  The actual physical location of this “here” is constantly changing because of the earth’s rotation around the Sun, and our solar system’s rotation and movement within the Galaxy.  So, if you were to want precise X, Y, Z coordinates (numerical values of latitude, longitude, and altitude,) of my “here” each moment those coordinates are changing so much so, that the coordinates when I first started typing this sentence are much different than the coordinates when I finished writing this sentence.  (I am not versed, nor do I have the means to present what those precise coordinates are, but I am certain these values are ever changing based upon the facts of planetary movements and galactic movements known to those who have a deep understanding of astronomy.)


The most mundane understanding of “I” is the identifying with the physical body personage located in the physical location described in the previous paragraph.  So, I am Jerry Dechant.


“Am” is a state of presence in being.  This “am” is therefore, “I”, Jerry Dechant being located “here” in front of this computer.  “Am” is beingness, not only beingness but also beingness with awareness of presence.  (I know, this isn’t a mundane answer.)

With these terms defined, I can now answer the question, Why am I here?  The answer is simply to press these keyboard keys to type these words for you the reader to read at some “time” in the future.

I know Roger probably intended a deeper understanding as an answer to his question, “Why am I here?”  Something more esoteric possibly, and the esoteric answer is also contained within the mundane answer at a deeper level.  So that we have to peel off a layer to get to the next level of understanding, closer to the answer Roger likely intends to find.

From this deeper level the definitions of “I” and “here” expand or change.

“I” is really not the body which I named as Jerry Dechant above.  “I” is really not the body which is named, (insert your name here,) either.  “I” is an aware presence which perceives this moment in space and time via the mechanisms provided through the vehicle of the physical body and its senses. It, (“I”) is therefore not the body but the recipient aware beingness of the information the senses provide.  If and when the body should cease to function, from the external physical observation of an on looker, it would seem that the “I” is no longer present; therefore the person is considered to be dead.  Since “I” am aware presence, just because the body ceases to function does not follow that “I” cease to be or function.  Another way to comprehend this is, when you get into your car vehicle, and turn it on, it seems to come alive, it moves and appears to be directed by some intelligence as the car travels down the road, stops, turns and so on.  From an unaware perspective, it would seem that the car has come alive and moves around because it is alive, but from a clearer understanding, one knows the intelligence which controls the car resides within the car and is not the car.  When the driver leaves the car, it would seem the car is dead.  The driver does not cease to exist when he/she leaves the car.  In the same way, “I” do not cease to exist when “I” leave the vehicle of this body. 

For reinforcement of understanding and clarity purposes, I will state it again:

“I” is an aware presence which perceives this moment in space and time via the mechanisms provided through the vehicle of the physical body and its senses.

“Here” is not a specific X, Y, Z coordinate location but rather the ever present location from which “I” perceives and expresses within the time space expression.  “Here” therefore is the center from which “I” perceive and express.  From within the physical body via the senses the “here” changes as described previously in the mundane understanding, yet “here” is always at the center of it all as this point of awareness in being and expression.  From this understanding and perspective, manifestation moves and changes while “here” is ever the same.  And with this understanding it may be understood that “I” and “here” are inseparable.

“Am” is the “time” factor in the equation of “I” and “here”.  From the mundane understanding, time seems to move in a linear fashion from past to present to future similar to the way “here” changes X, Y, Z coordinates.  From a deeper understanding it is revealed that time does not exist.  Now is ever present, there is no beginning or end, no past or future.  Beginning and end, past, present and future are mundane understandings which presents “now” as ever changing.  So, now it is one o’clock, now it is two o’clock, etc.  From the mundane understanding, depending on where your “here” is, your now time is different than someone who is on the other side of the planet. From a deeper understanding, this now, right now is the same now regardless of the here location, there is only one now and it is always now.

You might come to recognize a common thread with regard to “now”, “here”, “I” and “Am”.  What is this commonality?

“Now” is always now.  “Here” is always here, “I” am always I.

That which is unchanging/unchangeable is TRUTH, and this TRUTH is the root of all expression in being.

With this understanding the “why” may be more clearly recognized.  It may be recognized that “I” determine, choose, define and create the “why”.

From the mundane perspective, each person has their own “why” answer and each person’s answer as to “why” is valid for him/her in the moment of giving their answer to the question “why”.  Also, like everything else from the mundane perspective, the “why” is subject to constant change depending upon time, place, and circumstance.

From a deeper perspective where “I” “Am” “Here” is always the same, the “why” is always the same as well.  What is the “why” which is always the same? To express beingness.

So to restate the question, “Why am I here?”  The simple answer is “To express beingness.”

I could have stated that answer at the beginning, but if I had, it wouldn’t have had the same awareness and meaning associated with it as it does now that you’ve read through this blog.

Upon further contemplation of this blog, the other questions* posed at the beginning may answer themselves in light of the understanding uncovered in answering the question “why am I here”.

*What is my purpose? What is the point of everything? Why do we exist?

If you are interested in reading my answers to these still pending questions, let me know.  I am glad to provide you with the clarity and understanding which is mine to offer.

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