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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Foundation

By Jerome Dechant
Nov. 15, 2011

The foundation of any structure is the support which sustains and maintains that which is built upon it.  If the foundation is insufficient to the structure which is to be built upon it, then it does not serve the structure well.  If the foundation is more than sufficient to support the structure to be built upon it, then the structure can be built with confidence and will likely stand well supported by that grand foundation.

Even a grand foundation is not sufficient if it is constructed upon unstable ground, such as sand or mud.  The best foundations are those built upon firm solid ground and where possible, bedrock for added stability and longevity.

Why am I writing about construction tips?  Because we each have a foundation upon which our life is built and supported.  If that foundation is insufficient to the life we wish to live, the foundation will falter and cause the structure of our life to collapse or fail when we attempt anything which exceeds the capacity of the foundation we’ve built our life upon.

If we have a broad firm foundation, we can build a grand life and be well supported by the foundation we’ve built our life upon.

Where we build or place the foundation of our life determines whether the structure of our life will be stable and firm, or unstable and shifting or faltering, therefore the location of our foundation is equally if not more important than the foundation itself.

The bedrock of life is the most firm footing upon which we can place the foundation of our life.  So you might ask, “What or where is the bedrock of life, the best footing to build my life foundation upon?”

The bedrock is the source of creation, the primary principle upon which all other expressions are based and spring forth from.  It is firm and sound in that it was, and will always be the same.

The location where we choose to place the foundation of our life is therefore a point of identity.  That is to say, if we identify with Source primarily, we place our life foundation upon firm ground.  If, on the other hand, we identify primarily with our body, our job, where we live, what we do, who we are with, etc., those locations are not stable, therefore not a good location to place the foundation of our life.  They aren’t adequate because, they are unstable, shifting, always changing.  If you should choose to identify primarily with your body and environment, then build for life based upon that identity, you can be sure that with the passage of time, there will be shifts and instability in your life experiencing, even if your foundation is a good one, broad and firm.

So, location is equal to that which you primarily identify with.  If you don’t know where your source is, or how to align your identity with it, meditation is a good practice to develop that relationship and awareness.  And a good guide which indicates your proximity to identifying with Source is your emotions/feelings.  I’ve written other blogs which expand upon the “Emotional Guidance System,” with information based upon ideas presented by Abraham-Hicks.

So the location is your primary point of identity, the foundation is the intention which you build your life experiencing upon.

For purposes of illustration, I will share the foundational intentions for my life, and why they serve me well.

The broadest most general intention I hold is to enjoy my life.  This is a very broad intention which can be experienced regardless of time, place or conditions which are constantly changing in my life experiencing.

To be more specific in stating my life intention, I state that I intend to enjoy what I’m doing, who I’m doing it with, and where I am doing it.  These identifiers will tend to bring people into my life experience which contribute to my life enjoyment, they will tend to bring me to places I enjoy being, and lead me to do things I enjoy doing.  Another way of this being experienced is because joy wells up from within me, from the source of my being, the experiencing of joy is not dependent upon people, places or things but rather is the truest, most enduring attribute of my being which fills my life experiencing via the people, places and things expressing in my life.  The joy of my life, the enjoyment of my life radiates from the Source at the center/heart of my being and I experience this joy through all the life expressions which surround me.

Establishing a broad, general intention first, then adding more definition to the general intention helps to more clearly identify how those intentions can and will show up in life experiencing.  Joy will be the essence of whatever forms life experiencing expresses so that I don’t need to specifically identify the forms. 

To specifically identify the forms through which joy is allowed to express, limits the possibilities of its expression.  That is to say, for example, if I were to say, I intend to have this specific car, or this specific person in my life in order to experience joy, that is a very narrow intention based upon form and therefore not essence.

To further illustrate this idea, where my intention is to own a new car, I might add definition to it by saying, I want it to be a new 2012 red Ferrari Viper with black leather interior, the best stereo system, manual transmission, power windows, etc..  This sort of intention allows for the car which best aligns with my foundational intention to be manifest in my life. This sort of definition allows the universe to provide to me a car which aligns with my broad foundational intention and more specific intention, specific to the car form.

A similar approach could be used to identify a person who I’d like to have as a life partner.  Rather than saying my life partner has to be specifically this one person, I identify the characteristics or essence this person has I find appealing such as his appearance, his integrity of character, his sense of humor, his affections towards me and his loving, caring acceptance of me, our interests and intentions matching, and so on.  This way, I’ve defined the essence of the person which allows the universe to bring to me the perfect person who aligns with my foundational intention to enjoy my life and to enjoy who I am with.

So, consider your broad life intention when defining the essence of the form it takes in your life so that the intention, essence and form are in alignment.  In this way you can identify your specific preferences and find their expression manifesting most readily in your life experiencing.

And, when you don’t express a specific preference for a person, place, thing or experience, the foundational intention will automatically come into expression as enjoying life.  When you make it more important to enjoy your life, than the who what when and where of its expression, you allow for the greatest possibilities the universe can offer so that life is somewhat of a mystery but always assured of being enjoyable.

In summary:

The location (what you primarily identify with,) is most important when deciding where to place your life foundation.

The foundation is the general broad intention which encompasses fully the essence of your life.

1.     Consider first your primary intention, (I want to enjoy my life.)

2.     Align the essence of what you desire with your primary intention, (I want to enjoy who I am with.)

3.     Define your preferred form. (I want him\her to have these characteristics…)

If you choose to try out these ideas, give them ample opportunity to develop roots and grow in your life experiencing.  If you nurture these ideas, they will produce the fruits of life experiencing you most desire.  Take some time to recognize where your primary identity is, and consider shifting it towards the identity which is most stable, enduring and true.  Establish one broad general intention as the foundation upon which you build your life experiencing and refer back to it each time you desire something new or specific in your life experience.  Make sure your new desires are built upon the foundation and you will be sure to have a wonderful life.

Best regards,


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