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Monday, November 7, 2011

Words without Emotion

By Jerome Dechant

Nov. 7, 2011

Everything you have ever read, and likely will ever read, is words without emotion.

Words may portray emotions, but in and of themselves, words are purely intellectual. Just as the word “apple” isn’t an apple, the word “love” isn’t love either. Words may be able describe an apple or love, but all words and therefore the intellect, falls short of the actual experiencing of an apple or love. If you truly want to know an apple, you must find one and experience it firsthand. If you want to know love, you must experience it firsthand. No book will ever satisfy the full understanding contained within the firsthand experiencing of a person, place or thing.

You might be able to find apples at a store near you, or you might be able to pick some off a tree. You will find apples are similar in many ways but none of them is exactly the same, even when picked from the same tree. The same might be said of love, that is to say, there are many expressions of love and while they all might have similarities, each expression is unique. Where do you find love? Most people look outside of themselves to people, places and things to find love, but in fact you will only find love welling up from within yourself because at the heart of your being is where love most fully resides. Love is a multi-colored emotion which wells up from within our heart while words are intellectual, black and white and reside within the mind.

When the mind (intellect,) and heart (emotions,) come together, and combine their attributes, something new is created, something which is greater than the parts. Wisdom.

Because love is one range of colors within the full color spectrum of the rainbow of emotions, it is only one part of the emotional color palate of expression the heart may express and therefore you may experience. That being true, we each may have preferences for the “color” of our emotional expression, and based upon that preference, we will tend to color the colorless, black and white intellectual material with that coloration. You might understand this better by the saying, “She sees the world through rose colored lenses.” If you are wearing rose colored glasses, everything you look upon has a rose colored tint to it. In the same way, if your predominate color of expression is within the anger range of the emotional spectrum, everything you read will be colored by that anger. If your predominate color of expression is doubt, everything you read will be colored by doubt.

Knowledge without the temperance of the heart can be cruel and “heartless” when applied to life experiencing, and actually, knowledge without an emotional quality to guide it is more often than not, the cause of hardships in our life experiencing.

When a person is predominately driven by the intellect, the cold, hard facts, the black and white of words, is the realm of his/her expression. Logic is the main tool an intellectually focused person is likely to use as the guiding force within his/her expression. Logic typically is indifferent to and doesn’t include emotions into the equation because emotions add unclear variables which are hard, if not impossible, to make fit into a logical box of expression.
 Words facilitate the Intellectual comprehension of thought and ideas. So reading this purely from an intellectual perspective, one may tend to consider what is written to determine whether what is written is logical or not. You may know, through your own experiencing right now, whether you are therefore predominately focusing from the intellectual perspective, if somewhere within you, a voice just said, “that sounds logical.”

A wise person will likely read this, see the logic of it, and then look to the heart to see how it feels as well. (A wise person is one who combines the attributes of the intellect and the heart to express something greater than the separate parts combined.) If a wise person understands his/her emotional preference in expression, he/she will evaluate what is written from a clearer perspective than one who doesn’t know and understand his/her predominate emotional expression.

A wise and clever writer will steer the reader towards the emotional expression he/she intends the reader to experience during the reading. Because the reader is at the helm of his/her life experiencing, whether that “steering” is heeded or not, is totally up to the reader. Once again, I say, because words do not contain emotion, the reader provides that part of the equation.

I must confess right here, I do not intend to be clever and to steer you towards an emotion I think you should be having right now. Whatever your conscious or unconscious choice of emotional expression at this moment is, I leave within your capable hands to choose. One thing I suggest though is that you intentionally choose a color of emotion to read this blog from, then read it from that “color” and notice how the reading of this blog changes for you. If you try this, from really different colors, you might come to better understand that how you perceive what is written is colored by your choices, whether conscious or unconsciously made.

The deepest wisdom reader will read this with crystal clarity, distorting it not with his/her own color perception. He/she will see it clearly as it is in radiant beauty, compassion and full understanding.

 Thank you for staying with me throughout this blog journey.

 Best regards,


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