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Friday, March 9, 2012

Cutting Edge Consciousness video & commnet

I thought this was really good.  Actually, if you haven't listened to or viewed these clips from Barnet and Freeman, you might find them worthwhile.  You can find them by searching YouTube for "Cutting Edge Consciousness."

Uploaded by CuttingEdgeConscious on Mar 6, 2012 Cutting Edge Consciousness,
co-hosts,Filmmaker Barnet Bain and Life Coach Freeman Michaels

I posted a comment to this video:

A light bulb went on when you spoke about lucid dreaming! Thanks for triggering that.

I've recently been interested and reading about lucid dreaming. I got a little book with a CD that provides instructions on becoming lucid in the dream state. Now, I am seeing that while I initially thought I was interested in becoming lucid in that particular state, really, that state is just one mirror reflection within an infinity of mirror reflections, like when you stand with a mirror in front of you and behind you. I thought I wanted to change one of those particular reflections, become lucid in one of them. Now I realize, in order to change any of them, I standing between the mirrors am responsible for those reflections, and as I change, they change.
It is so obvious, that it was hard to see.

Thanks again!

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