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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Spoiler

The Spoiler
by Jerome Dechant
March 27, 2012


For Role playing gamers who play games such as” SkyrIm” and “Mass Effect 3,” to name a couple of recent titles, what makes these games good ones? 
Maybe not the only thing, but certainly up there in relevance, is the realism and immersion the player can experience while playing the game.  The quality of the graphics and the activities the player experience also contributes to the enjoyment of the game. 
For movie goers, what makes the movies they watch good movies? 
The story is good, the acting is not obvious and the environments the story takes place are fully developed and believable.  The production is typically made in such a way that the viewer is able to become immersed in the story and feel like they are identified with a character or characters in the movie.  In other words, for the movies which are really good, the viewer forgets he/she is watching a movie and begins to forget that he/she is sitting in a movie theater watching light being projected onto a blank white screen. 
Now, here is something you might not have ever considered before.  (The Spoiler.)
We are in the ultimate role playing game/movie right now.  Yes we are.  It is so well made, with such great detail, that we are certain this is real, and we've become so identified with our part in the game/movie of life, that I am fairly certain no one is willing to readily believe me when I tell this to you, it is more like light shining on the movie screen than you might want to believe.
This life experiencing in this 3 dimensional reality is 100% immersive.  The creator has spared no expense in bringing this to you so that you could believe you are the character you are playing, you are the person you believe yourself to be, and the feelings and experiences you are having are real. 
Yes, it feels extremely real.  It looks extremely real, and all the elements which involve all of our senses inform us that this is real.  But of course, if you wanted to play in this reality, you would make it as real as possible, wouldn't you?  Maybe somewhere, you'd provide clues, or some way for you to eventually realize this is figuratively a projection of light on a screen. 
For those of you who enjoy the mystery and fooling yourself, I am sorry to have revealed this to you.  Of course, you can easily deny it and say I'm crazy, but once you know it isn't real, you know.  It is like when you learn how a magician does his tricks, the fun and mystery is removed and you may no longer have an interest in watching the magician perform his tricks. 
Some people who learn how the tricks are done, want to perform the tricks themselves and therefore entertain others who don't know how the tricks are done.  Some people knowing how the tricks are done, might want to fashion the tricks to be to their own liking and interests, and so new tricks are born using the same methodology. 
So, who is it who is making this life experience totally immersive game/movie we find ourselves in? 
Each of us is.  We each are the creator of our own life experience totally immersive game/movie, even to the extent that we believe we aren't doing this, even to the extent we believe we aren't creating this and it is just happening, or we believe someone or some supreme being is doing this. 
Actually, it is marvelous how well made this life experiencing is.  It is the supreme creation of a master creator, and this master creator is the source of the one who is reading this right now, is the source and substance of each particle from the tiniest of tiny to the largest of large expression in being.

Now that you've read this, what's next?  You're the creator, it is up to you.

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