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Monday, January 2, 2017

The Value of Synchronized Meditation

by Jerome Dechant
January 2, 2017

Some people have expressed their opinions about the value of synchronized meditations such as the weekly Ascension Meditation being held every Sunday at 4:00 P.M. GMT (8:00 A.M. PST).  There must be a valid reason, or reasons why such an event is organized and intent on getting at least 144,000 people to participate during the scheduled time period for this event.  Consider, if it wasn’t important to have a synchronized meditation event, they would just say everyone meditate and express a common intent when you meditate.  That alone would be good, if whenever anyone meditated, they made the intention for that meditation align with a common stated intent. 

Here is an analogy which may make sense as to why a synchronized meditation is meaningful and worth participating in:

Let’s say you want to pop some popcorn, so you get a kettle with a lid, place some oil in the kettle, then some popcorn kernels, and then put the lid on the kettle.  When you turn on the heat, the oil heats up and as it does, it causes the popcorn kernel’s interior to expand, (pop).  As each kernel pops at random times, it bangs against the lid of the kettle and has little or no effect on the position of the lid, until finally most all the kernels have popped and you are ready to enjoy this treat.

Now, it isn’t likely to ever happen, but imagine the effect on the kettle’s lid if not just one or two kernels hit the lid at the same time, but ALL the kernels popped and hit the lid at the same time.  It would likely be powerful enough to lift the lid off the kettle, spewing popcorn everywhere.

Now, if we apply this analogy to the meditation effect, it would show that people meditating at random times with the same meditation intention have far less effect than when a great number of people meditate at the same time with the same meditation intention.  This group meditation effect has become known as the “Maharishi Effect” (please click on the links below to be directed to articles which go into more detail about this effect)
The combined conscious focused energy and intention is greatly magnified when 2 or more people join together with the same intention, at the same time.  When 2 people do this, the combined energy effect is at least that of 4 people meditating separately.  If 4 people did this, the combined energy effect would be at least that of 8 people meditating separately.  It has been postulated; the larger the number of participants, the greater the energy effect, which is possibly 10 fold or more, more powerful than the same number of people meditating with the same intention at random times. (1 fold is equal to 2 times the number, so 10 fold is equal to 20 times the number).  So if 144,000 people joined together in these scheduled meditation events, the effect would be comparable to 2,880,000 people meditating at random times.

About time

Consider this; Time is a mental construct which in fact does not exist.  Yes, is seems to exist, but it doesn’t actually exist.  That is to say, the only time that actually exists is the now moment.  It appears there are a past and a future because the content of the now moment by moment unfolding is constantly changing, and from the common human being experiencing, it seems as though this flow of now-ness is linear, therefore past and future seem to be actual things.  It may be more understandable to compare the passage of time to a movie film passing in front of the light of a movie projector.  There are many images on the film that are slightly different than the one before it.  As they sequentially move in front of the light, it appears the projection on the screen moves as the film continues to frame by frame pass in front of the light.

In this analogy, you are the light of awareness; consciousness is the film which has the pictures contained in each frame of the film.  You, as the light of awareness, never move or change yet your presence in conjunction with the film of consciousness, make the images projected onto the screen appear to come alive and move.  The light of your awareness never moves, it is always in the here now moment.

To apply this understanding to the synchronized meditation effect, it is the same as each of us participating in the same moment by moment unfolding, viewing the same film/movie as our individual and group intention.  The rest of humanity and or other beings with awareness are the audiences which benefit from this combined effort and intention.

I hope this presentation provides enough encouragement and understanding so that you realize the value in your participating with the rest of us during this scheduled event.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Blessings to us all!

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