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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Extraterrestrial Encounters

by Jerome Dechant
Dec. 31, 2016

How well do you know some of your friends on Facebook or other on-line venues, I mean people you’ve never met in person, like me for an example?  I think I can get a good idea about you from the way you communicate and share or present yourself via these venues, but the fact is, however you or I appear to others via these venues, is really limited and subject to the point of view of the beholder, dependent upon his or her attitudes and judgments.  So, while I may present myself (in my own view of how I present myself,) as a kind, considerate and gentle being, that doesn’t guarantee that everyone will perceive me in this way.  Actually, each person who reads this will likely have a different opinion of me and what I express via this media source.   That is totally understandable, yeah many of you may have similar opinions about me, which hopefully are good, but the degrees of your alignment with my true state of being, that is to say, how well you REALLY know me, may not be spot on.

Now, imagine the same ideas as they apply to Extraterrestrial beings who may be observing us from afar.  What they can glean from their distant point of view may be similar to what you might glean about me via these social media venues.  If they are intuitive, which it is my understanding, many of them are because they communicate telepathically; their perceptions of me as an individual may be somewhat more aligned with my true being because of their intuitive abilities which are well developed and a natural expression of their beingness.  As intuitive beings, they may comprehend our mass consciousness in its broadest sense and thereby come to conclusions about us as a race which may be true as an overall perception, but not necessarily true of each individual whose presence is in a very small part contributing to that overall perception of us as a race of beings.

On the other side of the coin, we humans, (I’d say a majority of us,) know almost nothing about them, and what we think we do know about them, may be terribly distorted and likely totally untrue because most of us haven’t had contact with them, not even to the extent that you and I have had contact with each other (those of you who only know me via this social media venue).  There is the possibility that some of them may have a social media presence because they can pass as a terrestrial human being.  This may mean we may know them as they present themselves as terrestrial humans, but not necessarily as they truly are, and if they did tell you they are from another planet, you’d probably either think they were joking or they were nuts.

Like each of us, we have our own character, our own point of view, our own mannerisms, likes and dislikes.  Many of us may share similar characteristics, etc., but to judge all of us by what you perceive of one of us, and say it is true of all of humanity because it is true of one of us, is a totally inaccurate appraisal of us as a race of being.  This is true of our appraisal of ETs as well.  That is to say, it isn’t appropriate to judge all ETs as being the same or similar in character and being, because, just like us, they likely have their own individual characteristics, points of view, likes and dislikes too.  Therefore to adopt the point of view that all of them are “good” or all of them are “bad” is not likely to be an accurate appraisal of them.

We will likely eventually be able to get to know them on a one on one basis, and thereby form a more accurate judgement of each one as an individual through our personal interactions with them, and they may glean a better understanding of each of us in this same way.

Most people fear the unknown, therefore may not want to venture into the realms of discoveries about our off world neighbors, but the only way to overcome such fears is to be brave and adventurous enough to at the very least, be willing to face those fears and conquer them by uncovering, learning and discovering what’s out there that we don’t know. 

As any explorer will tell you, you need to be cautious in your explorations, being mindful of potential dangers and thereby reduce the risks of harm to one’s self as he/she moves into new territories.  Also, as an explorer, key attitudes to adopt are to expect the unexpected, and even though one may have an inclination to react with aggression towards beings that may be encountered, interacting with aggression should be a last resort rather than a first resort.  Stay calm and keep your wits about you, allow yourself time to absorb what you discover, to get past the adrenaline rush that accompanies encountering something or someone that is alien to your normal experiences.  When you are an adventurer going where no one has gone before, everything is alien to you, therefore the potential to have many adrenaline rushes is increased which can be tempered by the “expect the unexpected” attitude.

As we venture into this unknown future, where our off world beings encounters begins to occur, my hope is each of us will be a good and thoughtful ambassador of the terrestrial human beings so that we may engender good relationships with these others as much as is possible.   Knowing there is the possibility that not all non-terrestrial beings are friendly or interested in friendly relations with us, is also a wise consideration as we move forward into the expanding and unfolding universe as galactic newbies.

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  1. great advise Jerry - I needed to hear that - thanks