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Monday, December 5, 2016

Something to Consider: Light over Dark

It seems the idea that good must conquer evil is a prevalent attitude among the human race.  It seems like a logical and appropriate attitude, because after all, evil is bad and destructive while good is good and creative.
Consider this:

The manifest world comes about by and/or through the expression of polarities, that is to say positive and negative polarities which cause energy to flow and manifestation to occur.  Both polarities are essential in the relative physical/spiritual manifestation because out of these differences all other differences are possible.

So, to adopt the attitude that light must overcome darkness or good must overcome evil is not possible while in the relative manifestation in being.  Both are essential elements of the same thing, each are the other side of the same coin, so to speak.  Just as you cannot have a one sided coin, there could be no manifestation of just light, or good, or alternately dark or evil.  If either part of that relativity is missing, the alternative is absolute light, or absolute darkness, which in both cases there is no differentiation possible because there is no opposite present.

Considering the necessity for both polarities, it occurred to me the optimal path is where there is balance between the polarities, where the path of life acknowledges the necessity for both polarities as essential elements of manifestation, which are ever tied to each other as an inescapable pull/push of energy expressions.

The middle path is one where one does not veer off too much into the light or the dark, this is where balance is experienced and expressed.  One must realize that whatever the magnitude or power of one half of the expression of positive and negative, the other half is always equal in magnitude and power.  This is to say, if one was all powerful in expressing the positive aspect in being, in order for there to be balance in the overall manifestation, an equal and opposite expression of the negative polarity is essential.  It is a package deal.

So, ask yourself, is it possible to live in this relative world manifestation where both polarities are essential for expression, to live life without there being any expression of the other polarity?  I say, no.  Because of the inherent limitations in awareness, one may be aware of being immersed in joy, love and light, and because of the limitations in awareness, may not perceive the whole manifestation where the opposite expression in being still exists and still expresses in the moment by moment unfolding of manifestation.  Whether by conscious choice or through uninformed ignorant choices life expresses regardless of the choices because to life, IT knows these polarities are not two things but aspects of the ONE.

So, one might ask, what is ascension then?  Ascension, if compared to a musical scale, is the same as moving up an octave in the scale.  This means there are lower octaves of expression which still exist and there are also higher octaves of expression which also simultaneously continue to exist.  Within in each octave there is the same number of notes expressing their individual vibration within that octave.  So, middle C note is harmonically attuned to the C notes in both the lower octaves and higher octaves.  This is to say, a C note is always C, it is not possible for it to be anything else.

This is to say, that the core me, (and also the core you,) will always express as me or you, as the case may be, regardless of which expression in octave each of us is expressing.

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