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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

One person at a time, One meditater joining with others.

by Jerome Dechant Dec. 28, 2016

What a beautiful day!  The sun has just crested the horizon; the sky is colorful with the rays of the sun merging with the deep blue night sky which is brightening with the sun’s radiance streaming across the sky.  As the yellow gold rays of the sun stream through the delicate curtains covering your large bedroom window, the light activates a pleasant melodic sound to awaken you to the new day. 

You hear the pleasant melody, turn to look out the window, and see a new day is upon you.  It is a grand new day.  A smile wells up from within you and lands on your face.  You sit up in bed for a moment to shed the sleepiness and awaken more fully.  Once you are out of bed, you head to the bathroom to attend to your morning physical needs.

Once you are ready, you sit cross legged upon the meditation cushion on the floor, close your eyes, and enter into a peaceful, calm state of meditation where you state your intent for the day, to bring forth even more joy, love and abundance into your life.  As you focus upon your breathing, breathing naturally, and restfully, the length of the meditation seems like you only just begun, when the little bell strikes a chime to inform you to open your eyes once again, ready to step into the new day.

The food replicator is in the kitchen next to the stove and refrigerator.  It looks like a simple but elegant box with a few lights at the bottom edge.  You say, “One cup herbal tea please.”  There is a moment or two where the lights change colors, the inside of the box shimmers with sparkling white light, and as the shimmering fades, a beautiful porcelain cup filled with herbal tea appears upon the tray in the middle of the device.  You order the rest of your breakfast in much the same manner.  It arrives at the perfect temperature tasting delightful, being completely satisfying to your physical needs and to your satisfaction.

As you sit at the table enjoying your breakfast, you contemplate what you want to do for this day.  It occurs to you, your neighbor may need some help getting his free energy device set up and connected to his dwelling, so you mentally call out to your neighbor asking him if he’d like your help with the free energy device installation.  A feeling of gratitude washes over you as you sense his reply of appreciation and acceptance of your offered help.  You both agree upon a convenient time and close your mental link with a blessing of joy and healing.

As you both are working together to get the energy device connected, you both realize there is a connector part you need to complete the job.  You could use the replicator to generate the part, but decide to go to the city center where such parts are already available.  Since it is a pleasant trip you both enjoy making, you get into your anti-grav car, set the destination, and off you go, lifting up above the tree line in a pre-designated flight path towards your destination.  As the vehicle glides silently through the air, you take in the beautiful scenery passing below you.  You have a friendly conversation about things that interest both of you.  As you approach the destination, the vehicle pauses to let other traffic pass before it gently sits down in a parking place just outside the market area.

There are many people attending to their own interests and businesses as you walk to the location where the part you need can be found.  The woman attending the business greets you with a beautiful smile asking how she may help you.  You provide the necessary information about the part you need, after which, she gets it for you and then hands it to you.  You tell her you are available to be of service in exchange for the part and she agrees saying she will contact you once an opening is available.  You thank her as you turn away to walk back to your vehicle.

Once you arrive at the vehicle, your neighbor indicates he needs some vegetables for the evening meal and indicates he’d like to make a stop at the farm fields on their way home, and so you do.  You eventually approach large green fields where various produce is being grown organically and naturally.  The plants have a beautiful radiance about them which seems to almost sing for joy.  Once you land, you approach the master gardener who greets you with a pleasant salutation.  Your neighbor tells the gardener what he would like for his meal.  The gardener receives the request and passes it off to a young boy volunteer who runs off to pick the produce fresh from the vines, then returns with a woven basket containing more than is necessary for one simple meal.  The neighbor bows to the boy as he receives the food.  He asks the Master Gardener how he may be of service in exchange for this produce.  The gardener thinks for a moment, then lets him know there is a party being arranged for later in the week where musicians are needed to perform for the event, he asks your neighbor whether he’d be able to perform at the event.  The neighbor is an excellent musician and agrees with delight and anticipation for the joy of the event to come.

You and your neighbor finally return home where you are able to quickly complete the set up and connection for the free energy device which supplies all the power your neighbor will ever need to maintain his dwelling with power and all the comforts of home.

Once you return home, as you are sitting comfortably on your sofa in your cozy living room, you look around at your surroundings remembering how things use to be, not that very long ago.  You remember when you use to have to lock your doors, when you had to use money to pay for things, when you had to work long hours at a job you didn’t like, when you had to drive on the ground with vehicles that burned fossil fuels which polluted the air and environment.  The world has changed so much for the better, in a relatively short period of time, things have gotten so much better, there is more joy in the atmosphere everywhere,  it seems like all the darkness of spirit has just faded away giving way for well-being to prevail everywhere.

You consider you may make a trip to Mars in a few days, maybe ask some friends to go along.  Once you are there, there is so much to see and do that you leave that to the moment by moment unfolding to decide what is best to do in that moment by moment unfolding.

There are so many more possibilities to explore and discover, so many new friends from different planets and solar systems to meet and learn from.  All of this wouldn’t have been possible, wouldn’t have unfolded as it has if it weren’t for the thousands of people who gathered together in body, mind and spirit through group meditation with the intent to make all of this so.  They said they only needed 144,000 people to make the shift happen.  Luckily, if there is any luck involved, millions of people caught on to how important their involvement was to this birthing of a new era where Peace, Love, Harmony, and Prosperity were born and brought forth as the new Heavenly Earth and solar system awakened to its divine glory.

Each person is important.  As we work together in peace, love and harmony, it is not only possible, but inevitable for this story to come true.  What can unfold is likely to be grander than I or we could imagine, yet it is contingent upon each person realizing it is through his and/or her contribution that it becomes manifest.

Therefore, YOU are the most important person in the world, because without your support and participation, this story may be delayed or not even come to pass.

Blessings to us all!

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